Sapphire Engagement Rings You Will Fall in Love with this September

Getting engaged in September gives you reasons to wear one of the most elegant and luxurious gemstones in the world. It shines in deep blue color and glitters as the natural light touches the facets of your ring. With the different settings available in the market, you can definitely find one gorgeous ring that will fit your finger.

Sapphire engagement rings’ popularity extends all the way back to ancient Greece. Recently, however, this precious ring became more popular after Prince William presented an 18-karat ring before she married the very beautiful Kate Middleton. It has become one of the most popular fashion jewelry that it inspired a lot of women to have the similar ring for their special engagement.


If your husband to be will also give you this ring as he pop the magic question, you will absolutely feel very special with this grandiose engagement ring, even if you are not a royalty. Here are some fabulous sapphire engagement rings to keep you inspired this month of September.

Marjorie Vixen Cocktail Ring


Imagine your own Prince William slipping a beautiful engagement ring on your finger and be impressed with the way a royal ring can brighten up your mood in an instant. This pretty gemstone will never go unnoticed and your girl friends will surely love the way it fits a real princess.

Trisha’s Round Cut Sapphire Ring


As soon as your fiancé present you with this splendid ring, you can never resist saying “Yes!” to his proposals. This Irrisistable Iris Dark Blue Ring sparkles with a radiant sapphire cubic zirconia and sits flawlessly atop a rhodium plated band. Embellished with clear CZ stones forming its perimeter, this stylish CZ jewelry exudes bold and classic glamour combined.

Desiree’s Blue CZ Ring


Exquisite CZ stones surround this top grade crystal as blue as the sea. The main stone features a vibrant blue sapphire that is sure to add a burst of fun color to any outfit. It’s easy to wear with most of your outfit and can absolutely stunning with your casual wear, office outfit, or even with your evening dresses.


With these engagement rings, you will surely fall in love with the beauty and sparkles of a sapphire store. Visit our website for more of September’s birthstone or like our Facebook page for more update.


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Getting Ready For the Fall Season? Check This Quick Shopping Guide

Summer, with all its colorful and energetic vibe, is totally exciting but there is something about fall season that can be really appealing to fashion forward ladies all over the world. The color and the texture of the clothes, as well as the accessories that goes with it, have this classic elegance that every woman loves. And with all the amazing trends this season, who wouldn’t love to spend a day shopping around for the latest dresses and trendy fashion jewelry.


Image Credit:

If you’re going to visit shopping malls, fashion boutiques and online stores over the weekend, you will see a lot of gorgeous displays about what’s in this season. And if you’re lucky enough, you can even score some gorgeous pieces in discounted price. But before we get too all excited about shopping, let us give you some short shopping guide to make your shopping more fun and enjoyable.

  • Create a shopping list

If you think shopping list is only for some grocery items, think again. Listing down the things you have to buy gives you a clearer idea of what you should look for and give you a chance to carefully plan your outfit for this season. Make sure to include fall essentials, comfortable footwear, trendy outerwear and all the fashion accessories you need to glam up your fall outfit.

  • Set Priorities

Remember the list you’ve made? Now go through it all over again and determine which needs to be shopped as soon as possible and which other things can be bought later on.

Image Credit:

  • Get to know the trends

Visit different websites and reliable blogs and read as much as possible about the trends and how you can incorporate it with your everyday wear. Look at how you can comfortably wear it instead of committing some fashion blunders just because the new trend doesn’t fit your style. Work on some fashion inspiration and use some unique fashion jewelry to spice it up.

  • Have a date with your shopping buddy

Whether it’s your mom, your sister or your daughter, it’s best to find your best shopping buddy and have a date with her during your short trips in shopping malls and trade fairs. It’s the ultimate girl bonding plus you can have someone tell you what autumn color best suit you and how you can mix and match your clothes with different fashion accessories.

With these quick tips, shopping this fall season is quite a breeze. How about you? Have you done your fall shopping yet? Let us hear your stories!

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2013 Fall Color Trends Plus Wearing Tips

One great way to wear your outfit is discovering how each color you wear can affect the mood as well as the impression that you communicate with each color you wear in your outfit. Especially now that the summer is coming to a close, we will see a lot of great color trends that we can incorporate with our looks from the clothes down to the fashion jewelry pieces that we will be wearing this season.

Autumn colors are usually more subdued than summer colors but it doesn’t seem any less than fashionable at all. Aside from interesting solid colors, we can also see a lot of high fashion prints that can make any outfit fierce and more exciting. If you think you’ve seen enough last summer, you’re in for more surprises as we bring you the latest color trends this season.


Emerald green is so lovely that Pantone declared it to be the color of the year for 2013. If you purchase some emerald fashion rings or bracelets over the last season, you can give it a new twist and make it look fashionable this fall. Look for emerald statement rings and wear it with gold necklace or bracelets.

Moss Green

More popularly known as army green, this color can be used as a based color to any outfit. Add a splash of other complementing colors such as deep shades of brown and black for that chic but tough looking outfit. You can shop for fashionable combat boots or army printed tops to complete your fashion ensemble.

Vivacious Pink

Adding a sense of celebration this fall is this amazing shade of pink. Pull off your blue coats or grey cardigans and splash some pink fashion jewelry to create some sophisticated balance. Look at your fashion jewelry collection for pink jewelry and use it with your most loved fall item. Just look for the right combination and you’re ready to conquer the fashion the world.

Mykonos Blue

Blue must be one of the most versatile colors that are always in season. If you’ve worked collected some interesting jewelry pieces in this hue, you can use it to glam up your fall office wear. Blue has this classy color that can be worn in the office or late night dates so you can practically wear it with your formal to casual wear anytime!

Loving this color trends? Visit our website for interesting jewelry in these amazing colors and create the perfect fall fashion ensemble.

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Quick Tips on How to Make Gold-Plated Jewelry Last Longer

In a previous post we have featured some gorgeous gold plated rings that you can wear to spice up your everyday wear. This time we’re going to give you some tip on how you can retain its shine for a much longer period of time.

Gold plated fashion jewelry is a stunning piece to behold. Unfortunately, they don’t really last long as much as gold filled jewelry does. High quality gold plated rings or necklaces are more affordable compared to genuine gold and can be easily available anywhere. For budget savvy ladies, it’s still the best bet if you want to add an elegant piece of jewelry in your collection without spending a month’s paycheck.


If you’re going to look at different jewelry shops, you can see a lot of creative fashion jewelry that you would love to pair with your little black dress, cocktail dresses or any kind of outfit. However, this precious metal can only look good while it last so before you go purchasing another piece of jewelry, make sure you read these quick tips on how you can make your gold plated jewelry last longer.

Tip #1 Avoid knocking off your ring against any hard surfaces

If you’re not confident about the quality of your gold jewelry, make it a habit to take off your ring when engaging in rough physical activities like household chores, exercise or sports.

Tip # 2 Store in a jewelry box with velvet lining

Carefully pick a jewelry box that can protect your jewelry against scratch and other damages. A box with velvet lining or an anti tarnish pouch can do great in protecting your jewelry and keeping it brilliant as long as you need it to.

Tip # 3 Wipe your jewelry with damp cloth before storing it away

To prevent dust or dirt buildup around the crevices of your jewelry, make sure to run a damp cloth on the surface of your jewelry before storing them away. This will not only keep your jewelry clean and ready to wear the next time you need it but also keeps the luster of your accessories.

Tip # 4 Make sure to apply perfume and lotion before wearing your jewelry.

Some chemicals found in liquids can be harmful to metals like gold. If you want to keep your jewelry tarnish free, keep it mind that lotion and metals don’t go well together. Immediately wipe off any liquid to help prevent tarnishing and other damage.

Do you have other tips on how you can make gold plated jewelry last longer? Share it us through the comment box!

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Spice up Everyday Outfit with this Simple and Gorgeous Fashion Rings

We often associate gold to wedding rings or engagement rings but thanks to great designers all over the world, this piece of elegant fashion jewelry can now be enjoyed with your everyday outfit. From the simplest band to the most creative designs, you can certainly find a ring to glam up your wear without being too loud or overpowering. When it comes to gold rings, simplicity is the key but a drop of creativity can create great wonders.

A piece of gold jewelry on its own can brighten up any outfit. No need for expensive gemstones or colorful beads, just this precious metal is enough to add a touch of elegance to most of your everyday outfit. Aside from that, a simple gold band can fit most kinds and colors of clothes inside your closet so you won’t have to rack your brain thinking of how you can wear it properly.

To give you some inspiration on what to kind of gold jewelry to add to your collection, here are some great picks to impress you.

Faux Stackable Fashion Ring


This 14k Gold electroplated ring design features a connecting multiple ring design. The abstract ring shapes add volume and style to your entire outfit. Plus this gold ring can make your fingers look sexier and leaner that you people won’t help but notice your delicate hands.

Skeletal IP Gold Plated Brass Ring



 If you want to add something unique and fierce in your jewelry collection this right just might be it. This gold plated brass ring has a simple band that is designed in what appears to be small bones that go all around the ring band. Wear it on its own or stack it with other rings for more fashion forward look.

Warped IP Gold Plated Brass Ring



Now you don’t have to settle for a gold band circling around your fingers. This modern fashion jewelry has a very intriguing splashy design that will not go unnoticed thanks to the lovely plating. This fabulous IP gold plated brass fashion ring can create a fabulous fashion statement on its own so you can be confident about what you wear no matter what the occasion is.

Check out our website for more impressive fashion rings that you can wear with your outfit. Come back for more fashion tips and like our Facebook page to learn more about the trendiest jewelry in town.

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Fashion Tip: Match Your Fashion Rings with Your Nails

So you just got yourself a stunning fashion ring. I’m sure your girl friends will be raving about it for the next couple of days and you’ll be more delighted to show off your beloved ring. But there is another thing that you can do to highlight the beauty of your fashion jewelry. This trick will certainly make your ring the center of attraction in your outfit and can bring your ring to a whole new level.

You might find this to be a simple trick, but painting your nails in a way that it complements your rings can do a lot to make it look more elegant and classy. And since nail art are also in nowadays, you can even paint your nails with cute little designs to match your ring.

Color Choices


Picking the right color to match your stunning fashion ring can be a little tricky. The main goal is to find a shade that goes well with the color of gemstone used in your engagement ring. You can use an exact match or contrasting color for a classier look. Use lighter shade of red if you’re wearing a ruby ring or navy blue nails when wearing a sapphire engagement ring.

Keep it Simple


If you are wearing a ring that has a lot of details like a micro pave ring, it’s best to keep the design of your finger nails as simple as possible. If you’re wearing a clear gemstone you can opt to wear nude nail polish with a French tip for a classy and gorgeous look.

Match it with your outfit


If you’re wearing a ring as an accessory to your cocktail dress or evening dress, you must make sure that the color of your nails goes well with your overall outfit as well as your ring. Metallic silver nails can go well with silver or while gold rings and off white cocktail dress. Mix and match until you achieve the perfect combination to suit your mood and inspiration.

The next time you shop for your nail polish or visit a spa for a manicure service, make sure to give some thought about what color suits your ring best. With this simple trick you can make you ring shine even brighter than before.

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Celebrate Your August Birthday with These Amazing Peridot Rings

Summer is almost over but for the ladies who are born this month, the party is just getting started. People who are born under this month are believed to be determined, ambitious and stubborn. However, their birthstone peridot is also known to symbolize faithfulness and loyalty. August ladies are surely born with strong personality but they’re absolutely lovable like their birthstone ring.

Peridot is usually seen in bright green color and considered as a genuine alternative to emeralds and diamonds. Aside from its youthful and refreshing look, peridot is favored by a lot of women because it is so much more affordable than other gemstones. However, darker versions of this stone are more expensive than lighter shades.

Here are some precious peridot rings to fit you, August ladies.

Funky and fun, this Oval Peridot rests on a grooved band with CZ crystals. Wear Trisha’s Oval Peridot CZ Ring to add a pop of color to your monochrome outfit to create a fashionable contrast. This fabulous fashion jewelry will surely highlight your fun adventurous side while keeping your outfit elegant and classy.

Going on a dinner date this summer? This fabulous Shantal’s Peridot Floral Ring can be best paired with your little black dress to floral cocktail dresses. But if you want to wear something with earth tone colors, you can wear it with green, cream colored or brown top to make your ring shine.

If one ring isn’t enough, you can always turn to these Renae’s Peridot Stackable Ring rings to glam up your outfit. An alternating mix of clear and peridot crystallized Swarovski elements grace this timeless sterling silver ring. Wear it with your best mid summer wear and enjoy it with your favorite bangles or layers of necklace.

Here’s a word of advice when buying peridot engagement ring. This type of gemstone is rather brittle so you have to take good care not to knock it or damage it any other way. This won’t be a good choice for ladies who do a lot of physical work or those who have a very active lifestyle. But as long as you know how to go easy with your fashion jewelry, peridot rings will surely work just fine.



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Quick Tips on Accessorizing Your Beach Wedding Dress

Destination weddings are so in nowadays. It adds a lot of fun and creates a dreamy feeling for every bride. If you’re not into traditional weddings, beach wedding or outdoor weddings are for you. It allows you to be more creative with your wedding preparations as well as your dress and jewelry. Especially now that the summer is out and the weather is just perfect for some fun in the sun, beach wedding can be just your dream come true.


When it comes to accessories, brides in a beach wedding can create a summer look that can let her be beautiful as she is while enjoying the sand, the sea and the sun. With the right dress and bridal fashion jewelry, you too can absolutely look your best as you say “I do” to your forever love.

Here are some fashion tips for your dream beach wedding.

Keep your accessories in line with your wedding theme

The color motif as well as the theme of your wedding can serve as a nice guideline in accessorizing your wedding dress. Since you’re having a beach wedding, you wear fashion jewelry with pearls and other sea inspired accessories.

Be creative

Beach weddings allow you to accessorize your dress in a creative way. This means you can be free and adventurous as much as you want when it comes to the jewelry, the details on your dress and other items in your wedding ensemble. 

Use Natural colors

Stick to shades of blue to soft colors of green in your accessory. If you want to wear a white dress, add style and glamour to its look by wearing colorful dangling earrings or bracelets. Bold colors can add charm to your beach dress so don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks.

Add personal touch to your accessories

This is a great tip for any kind of wedding. To make things more memorable and special, you can try to wear vintage jewelry pieces from your mother or statement jewelry that belongs to your persona collection.

Dreaming to say “I do” as the waves and the sun as your witness? Take summer inspired fashion jewelry with you and enjoy the beginning of your happily ever after. You can shop on our Bridal Boutique page for more wedding jewelry.

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