5 Black Fashion Earrings Perfect for Halloween

Posted on 23 October 2017

Here are five pairs of black fashion earrings fashionistas must have this spooky season.

If you are not a fan of dressing up in costumes on Halloween, you can opt to channel a gothic princess with a black-on-black look. Everything has to be black, including your accessories. And if you're looking for earrings to match your spooky dark outfit, look no more. Here are five pairs of chic black fashion earrings you can choose from that will complement any look you want to achieve.

Jewel Floral Tassel Dangle Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Floral Tassel Dangle Earrings

This pair reminds so much of Queen Bey and her look at the Grammy's when she was heavily pregnant with her twins. The Jewel Floral Tassel Dangle Earrings is a gorgeous pair that boasts jet black tassels held by golden floral embellished charms. The tassels are 3.75 inches, and the earrings are nickel and lead compliant. You are totally going to get so many compliments with this pair because of its unique, classy design. Although black is perfect for this season, you can also get the Jewel Floral Tassel Dangle Earrings in blue, red, and green.

Threaded Bon Bon Beaded Tassel Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Threaded Bon Bon Beaded Tassel Earrings

If you are one Bohemian chic who likes to incorporate this carefree style in Halloween, you better get yourself the Threaded Bon Bon Beaded Tassel Earrings. The tassels are made of shiny black beads that could pass as spooky tentacles and are connected to beaded bonbons. Golden accents add a bit more flair to this pair. The tassels are 3.5 inches, and the earrings are nickel, lead, and cadmium compliant. You can get this pair in purple, silver, and red.

Classic Cord Tassel Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Classic Cord Tassel Earrings

The Classic Cord Tassel Earrings are perfect for minimalists. It features jet black tassels made of thin cords with gold accents. The tassels are three inches long, and the earrings are nickel and lead compliant. These earrings are light and versatile; they can be worn at any time of the day. You can also get these earrings in burgundy and mauve.

Teardrop Chandelier Tassel Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Teardrop Chandelier Tassel Earrings

If you want a marriage of glamour and mystery, get yourself the Teardrop Chandelier Tassel Earrings. These drop earrings that exude femininity boast teardrop charms with intricate designs, outlined by black and gold beads that perfectly matches your gold fashion rings. The earrings are 1.75 inches wide and are 2.25 inches long. You can get this pair in silver, gold, and burgundy.

Festive Mini Tassel Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Festive Mini Tassel Earrings

Another Bohemian-style pair of earrings is the Festive Mini Tassel Earrings. This pair is ideal for those who want to wear semi-statement earrings. The earrings feature ornate gold-plated hoops, adorned with jet black tassels at the bottom. Each piece is 1.25 inches wide and 2.5 inches long. The Festive Mini Tassel Earrings are perfect for wear either daytime or nighttime. The pair is also available in red.


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