5 Reasons to Layer Your Rings

5 Reasons to Layer Your Rings

Stack your fashion rings with finesse this new year.

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One fashion trend that we believe will never die is the layered ring or stackable ring trend. It virtually looks great on any lady, whether they have short or long digits. It's all in the matter of choosing the best styles that look good on you. And if you haven't tried this trend yet, then this is the best time!

Here are five reasons why you should layer your fashion rings:

Perfect for making a statement

hand with rings and bracelet on a brick wall

Stackable rings are absolutely perfect if you want to make a bold fashion statement. Layer multiple rings in one finger, and pick one that has CZ stones on it for added pizzaz! Mix and match colors as well as designs. If you have short fingers, go with minimalist bands or those rings that are thinner than usual. If you are blessed with long, slender fingers, then you have no problems with the ring styles and designs. Have fun and layer all you want to make a statement.

You can quickly change your style

woman's hands wearing layered fashion rings

If in the middle of the day you decide that you want to go minimalist with your accessories, you just simply remove some of the stacked rings or distribute them to both hands. From one stack, you can also divide it into two and wear the rings in two fingers. It's all about experimenting and finding out which look is perfect for your current mood.

Always fashionable

hand with stacked fashion rings on one finger

As we mentioned earlier, this ring trend never seems to die. Fashionistas have been layering their rings for years, and they seem to love the trend a lot. That is why buying sets of stackable rings would never be a regret buy. Hoard these lovely pieces when you get the chance!

The stackable ring trend is versatile

woman with her hand on her face wearing layered rings

Whether it's a casual day or a dressy evening event, layering your rings is definitely acceptable. What matters, however, are the designs of these rings. If you are going to attend a rather formal event, it's best to stack rings with minimal designs. As for any casual activity, any style is okay, as long as it complements your overall look.

Perfect for incorporating your personality into your style

woman wearing black shirt and jeans with hands on her jeans wearing multiple rings

You can integrate your personality into your style with this ring trend. If you are a hopeless romantic, you can go ahead and layer rose gold rings with heart designs. If you are a Boho chic, you can go with pieces that are adorned with turquoise tones. And if you are a punk rocker chic, you can layer statement rings with eccentric or unusual designs.


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