5 Stylish Ways to Stack Rings

5 Stylish Ways to Stack Rings

Woman with stacker rings
Photo source: catbirdnyc, Instagram


Stacking jewelry has become a worldwide trend since it was introduced in the fashion runway last 2015. Since then, celebrities and fashion bloggers have been rocking the trend everywhere. And if you want to try the look, then here are five stylish ways to stack your fashion rings.

She who has the gold makes the rules.

gold stacked fashion rings
Photo Source:  La Kaiser from Pinterest.com


Gold is a classy color, so don’t be afraid to wear more than three gold rings on your fingers. Wear rings with varying sizes and shapes to avoid a monotonous look. Playing with its textures can also add visual appeal to your style.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

sophisticated layered ring style
Photo source: Saffron Beau, Instagram


Simplicity is beauty, is the basic rule of minimalism. Apply this rule by stacking midi and dainty rings for a clean look. This style is also perfect for those days when you don’t feel like making a big jewelry statement.

Classy but wild.

wild style of layered rings
Photo Source: Valkyrie´s Song, Pinterest.com


Don’t be afraid to make a wild statement because the truth is there is no rule in stacking your rings. Just make sure to keep everything in balance. Mix metals and look for rings with different jewelry styles and gemstones.

Femininity is strength.

feminine style of layered rings
Photo source: Bario Neal Jewelry, Pinterest.com


Embrace the femininity in you through your ring style. Dainty rings are perfect for a feminine look. You can also try wearing a single row of delicate metal rings for this style. You can also choose rings with pink gemstones or baby blue colors with floral or feminine designs.

Style is about extravagance.

bold layered rings
Photo source: Pinterest


If you want to brave enough to make a bold statement then why don’t you try stacking rings of different styles in just one finger? You can also one ring designed with large gemstones on each finger for a dramatic look.

Choose your style or create your own!

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