5 Ways to Look Glamorous in a Pool or Beach Party

5 Ways to Look Glamorous in a Pool or Beach Party

Turn heads this spring break at the party with your gorgeous accessories!

Spring and summer allow us to enjoy the heat of the sun. Pool and beach parties abound, and the ladies are getting ready with their beachwear. And what better way to stand out from a crowd of lovely ladies than wearing eye-catching accessories! All it takes is a keen fashion eye sprinkled with your personality. Here are a few suggestions on how to look your most glamorous self at a beach or pool party.

Wear a beach hat.

wear a beach hut
Source: Instagram.com | @whitneys_wonderland


Beach hats not only protect your scalp from the heat of the sun, but they also allow you to look more stylish in your swimwear. Popular hats are those which you can "hide" from. They make your photos Instagram-worthy too, like the photo of fashion blogger Whitney of @whitneys_wonderland. Choose hats with the same color palette as your swimwear, or if you can choose ones in neutral colors or in natural straw so it can complement all your bikinis.

Adorn your hair with flowers.

put flowers on your hair
Source: Instagram.com | @whitneys_wonderland


If a beach hat isn't your style, you can adorn your hair with some flowers. Flower crowns or floral hair clips exude a festive vibe, making it a perfect spring accessory. It's a great way to channel Ariel too, plus points if you have red hair. Wearing this, however, won't allow you to go swimming all the way, as the flowers might get lost at sea. This accessory is perfect for taking memorable photos with your girlfriends before you go all out at the pool or beach.

Keep warm with a cover-up.

wear a cover-up
Source: Instagram.com | @gypsylovinlight


The spring and summer wind can make you feel chilly after getting out of the water. Instead of keeping warm with a beach towel, wear a stylish cover-up instead. You can opt for a caftan or a kimono jacket, just like what style blogger Helen of @gypsylovinlight wore in this photo. Choose a hippie design or a bohemian-inspired cover-up to add a gypsy glamor to your look.

Sparkle with fashion jewelry.

wear fashion jewelry from Eternal Sparkles
Cuatro Cuff Bracelet and X Ring from @Eternal.Sparkles


Of course, fashion jewelry! Sparkle under the sun with pieces such as fashion rings, pendant necklaces, and bangles like the minimalist piece in the photo above. Just make sure, however, that the fashion rings you are going to wear fit you perfectly, otherwise, they might slip off of your fingers and get lost at sea or the pool.

Don a stylish pair of sunglasses.

wear sunglasses
Source: Instagram.com | @olgasweet2222


To top off your look, wear a pair of trendy sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of Mr. Sun and choose a pair with edgy colored lenses. Colored mirror lenses are popular this season, so a pair is definitely a beachwear accessory must-have! Get sunglasses that complement the color of your swimwear, just like what fashion blogger Olga of @olgasweet2222 wore in her Instagram photo above.


What was your favorite beach accessory? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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