5 Ways to Make Dad Happy This Father’s Day

5 Ways to Make Dad Happy This Father’s Day

Show your appreciation to the head of the family on their special day.

You cannot give your father, husband, or brother any fashion rings as a Father's Day present. Getting them gifts is tougher if you are a female and you absolutely have no idea what the male gender wants. Stay away from the usual tie or Swiss knife, you have to be more unique to make them feel extra special. This is your chance to thank the loving and hardworking head of the family. With that said, here are some ideas to help you get the perfect present for your dad, grandpa, brother, or husband.


Take him on a movie date.

movie date with dad

You may not like the movie genre your dad likes, but this time, show your appreciation by watching a film he wants. One way to know if he likes a particular movie is by asking him what he thinks about it. Give your opinions and mention other movies as well. It's a subtle way of knowing whether he's interested in the film or not, and he absolutely wouldn't have a clue of your plan. Watching a movie together will relive those days when you were younger, and he will definitely appreciate the gesture.


Make him something.

creative father's day gift
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If you are the creative one in the family, this idea is a piece of cake. Take time to think about what his hobbies and interests are. If he's a man who loves to drink, you can make him beverage caddy. All you need are rustic boards, a broken shovel handle, and some tools. If he has a sweet tooth, create a customized candy jar filled with his favorite candies and chocolates. If he collects watches, make him a watch stand getting inspiration from your fashion rings jewelry stand or holder. And of course, you can always get more ideas from Pinterest.


Schedule a spa date.

relaxing spa date

Spa dates aren't only for moms; dads deserve a relaxing break too! Take him away from all the stress the workplace has given him and allow him to enjoy his day. He may not like the idea at first as this is more of a mom-daughter thing, especially if he's the tough, edgy type. Just reassure him that men do enjoy spa services too. A full body massage will loosen his tired muscles, and groomed nails and toenails will make him feel more relaxed. Plus, it's an excellent way to catch up with him. Trust us, he will love it.


Make a collection of your old photos.

old photo album

Dads who are in the empty nest phase will love to see pictures of you and your siblings from when you were younger. You can make a photo slideshow or a short movie of your pictures, including the funny ones. You can also opt for the old fashioned way -- a photo album or scrapbook. He will love to talk about those happy memories you had when you were all kids. This gift will definitely pull some heartstrings so get ready for some happy tears!


Fill his tummy with his favorite food.

meal on a plate

There are two ways to do this. You can either reserve a dinner date at his favorite restaurant or be a chef for a day and cook his favorite meals. Either way, dads will absolutely appreciate this gesture. Men are generally in love with food and food, as they say, is the way to a man's heart. You can catch up while you're enjoying your hearty meal. Don't forget a few bottles of beer!

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