6 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

6 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses

Never leave home without sunglasses; they are definitely more than just a fashion statement.


As with your fashion jewelry, sunglasses can instantly power up your look. But as we all know, these trendy spectacles can help us in so many other ways. Even if summer has come and gone, putting on eyewear is still essential. Believe it or not, according to Gary Heiting, OD of All About Vision, fresh snow can reflect a whopping 80 percent of the UV rays of the sun, nearly doubling your overall exposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. With that said, we have listed down the reasons why we should always wear sunglasses outdoors.

UV Protection

woman wearing sunglasses in a field

As mentioned earlier, sunglasses can protect your precious eyes from the suns rays. The sun's UV radiation can cause so many eye ailments, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis that can cause temporary blindness, just to name a few. That is why it's highly advisable for women who love the outdoors to protect their eyes with a pair of sunnies.

Skin Cancer

woman wearing sunglasses in an al freso diner

Do not forget about your eyelids and the skin around your eyes; they can get cancer too! The Skin Cancer Foundation states that eyelid region is one of the most common sites for nonmelanoma skin cancers, and account for up to 10 percent of all skin cancers. If you are to spend long hours outdoors, always put on a pair of protective eyewear.

Wind and dust protection

close up shot of a woman wearing dark sunglasses

The sky might be cloudy, but that doesn't give you a reason not wear sunglasses. This is because getting dirt or sand in your eyes can be very uncomfortable, painful, and dangerous. These elements can scratch your eyes and may cause permanent damage.

Safe day driving

woman with sunglasses on a moving vehicle

If you are driving around the city in the middle of the day, you are more prone to glares. Wearing a pair can help you see better under the bright light of the sun and even light reflections on other cars and will allow you to drive safer and more comfortably.


woman in sunglasses against a wall

The bright light of the sun causes us to squint and our eyes to water. These effects can be quite dangerous for people who are crossing the road or driving. Bright sunlight can also trigger migraines and the worst headaches. That said, wearing sunglasses will allow us to see clearly while feeling comfortable and safe.

Style and privacy

woman in sunglasses on a staircase

Of course, donning a pair of trendy sunglasses can make you look more stylish and chic. You can add a touch of glamour to a basic tee and jeans, as well as match them with your fashion rings and other accessories. And you don't need to be a celebrity to wear sunnies; if you need some privacy, wear sunglasses with oversized dark lenses or those with reflective lenses.


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