8 Must-Have Stackable Ring Sets for Your Summer Outfit

Posted on 24 July 2017

Take a look at some stackable fashion rings that can instantly upgrade your look.

woman wearing Arrow Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

We are half way through summer! And although stackable rings can be worn all year round, no one can deny that they look especially great with skimpy, summer outfits. So before the season ends, stock your jewelry collection up with a bunch of lovely minimalist rings of different tones and designs. Without further ado, here are stackable ring sets from Eternal Sparkles that can instantly level up your summer look for Instagram-worthy selfies.

Arrow Ring Set

Arrow Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

The Arrow Ring Set is a playful pair which you can wear together or separately. The rings are made from sturdy stainless steel and two-tone plated. The tip of the arrow is adorned with AAA Grade cubic zirconia stone that adds just the right sparkle. This set is perfect for layering with thin minimalist rings.

18k Gold-Plated Eternity Rings

18k Gold-Plated Eternity Rings from Eternal Sparkles

If you prefer shiny, sparkly pieces, then this set is for you. The 18k Gold-plated Eternity Rings boast a tri-color bands -- goldtone, silvertone, and rose goldtone. The lead-free alloy bands have a fun wavy design and feature brilliant clear round cubic zirconia crystals. This set is perfect to wear any time of the day, but looks incredibly beautiful at night, especially when the stones are hit with light.

Gold Clear Crystal Wrap Ring

Gold Clear Crystal Wrap Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The Gold Crystal Wrap Ring is one of our uniquely designed rings. It is made from stainless steel and is IP gold-plated for the high polish shine. It features top grade clear crystals at the center, making a straight line. You have the option to wear it in an expanded form to give the illusion of wearing stackable rings. This is perfect for the ladies who prefer to wear just one statement piece.

Rose Gold Spiral Wrap Clear Crystal Heart Ring

Rose Gold Spiral Wrap Clear Crystal Heart Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Another that gives a layering illusion is the Rose Gold Spiral Wrap Clear Crystal Heart Ring. It's a lovely rose gold plated stainless steel ring with a cute little heart at both ends of the spiral. Each heart holds a brilliant clear simulated crystal. You can wear this piece as a regular ring or a knuckle ring. It's also available in silvertone, but instead of hearts, each end is a star adorned with sea blue crystals.

Cat Ears Triple Ring

Cat Ears Triple Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Here's to the cat lovers out there! The Cat Ears Triple Ring is made from sturdy stainless steel and gold-plated for a perfect shine. The cute cat ears are made from epoxy that stands out because of the jet black color. This is a set that you can wear all together or separately. However, you wouldn't achieve the cat ears if all three are worn on different fingers.

Wave Ring Set

Wave Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

The Wave Ring Set is for fans of tri-color sets. These are dainty minimalist rings that don't need any crystals to be showstoppers. The rings are made from shiny, smooth stainless steel and plated in three colors -- rose gold tone, gold, and high polished stainless steel. The bands feature a wave like design that reminds of the beach waves, making it the perfect summer accessory must-have.

 Champagne Ring Set

Champagne Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

If white and gold is your summer color combination, you got to have the Champagne Ring Set. It includes two identical gold-plated stainless steel rings with a knot like design with white epoxy. Both rings look simple, but it does not stop them from being eye-catching stackable pieces. Wear them both on one finger or wear them with other thin minimalist bands.

Beau Ring Set

Beau Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

One of the minimalist pieces, the Beau Ring Set exudes utter sophistication. The set includes two thin rings made from rhodium-plated brass and adorned with brilliant clear top grade crystals. This set is perfect to wear with other minimalist bands, or a statement ring or two. This set is perfect for everyday wear, day or night.


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