8 Stunning Rings to Add a Spring Flavor to Your Style

8 Stunning Rings to Add a Spring Flavor to Your Style

Enjoy dressing up this season by upgrading your outfit; wear some fashion rings!

Fashion jewelry from Eternal Sparkles

One can never go wrong with one or two rings to add some flavor to a simple casual outfit. This season, usher in the blooms and adorn your fingers with some stylish bands. Here are eight show-stopping fashion rings that are spring-worthy and go well with any style.

Eternal Spring Ring

Eternal Spring Rings from Eternal Sparkles

This ring is such a beauty and definitely one of our favorites! It features a thin lead-free alloy band studded with uber brilliant Swarovski Crystals. What's great about thin bands is that you can layer up to five rings in one finger. The Eternal Spring Ring also comes in five pastel spring colors -- lavender, pink, yellow, aqua, and multicolor.

Minimal Princess Solitaire Ring

Minimal Princess Solitaire Rings from Eternal Sparkles

Solitaire rings don't need to be just worn as engagement rings. Take for example this lead-free alloy Minimal Princess Solitaire Ring. It features a stunning cubic zirconia stone atop the silvertone lead-free alloy band. Its minimalistic beauty adds a pop of color and sparkle to your outfit. Layer it with either cocktail rings or other thin bands. Choose from three colors -- clear, lavender, and pink.

Tre Minimal Ring

Tre Minimal Rings from Eternal Sparkles

If one stone is not enough for you but you don't want a cocktail ring, this Tre Minimal Ring is perfect. It boasts a big sparkly stone at the center, nestled by three clear cubic zirconia stones. The band is made from silvertone lead-free alloy and is thin enough to be considered a minimal ring. This design is available in pink and lavender.

Clover Ring

Clover Rings from Eternal Sparkles

St. Patrick's Day has come and, but you can definitely still rock the Clover Ring. Its feminine design is what makes this ring such a show-stopper. The ring is made from lead-free alloy and studded with brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones. This gorgeous ring is available in both silvertone and rose gold tone.

Gold Daisy Ring Set

Gold Daisy Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

If you cross a charm bracelet a ring, you get this Gold Daisy Ring Set. It features three yellow gold-tone minimal rings which boast daisy charms that any woman would love. One of the rings feature a rope design and is adorned with a small clear top-grade crystal in the middle of the daisy. The middle ring has embossed dots plus a white daisy charm. The third ring has a band with a smooth finish and features a round charm with a dainty little daisy at the middle. Wear them all on one finger, or opt to wear them separately.

Daisy Solitaire Ring

Daisy Solitaire Ring from Eternal Sparkles

For fans of solitaire rings, this Daisy Solitaire Ring would be a great addition to their ring collection. Show-stopping without being too bold, this ring is made from durable high-polished stainless steel and features a gorgeous clear AAA-grade cubic zirconia that sparkles even in the faintest touch of light. This stone is nestled in a flower-shaped setting, making it a perfect spring accessory. Its band isn't too wide too so you can layer it with other rings.

Gold Floral Wave Ring

Gold Floral Wave Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Simple yet stunning, this Gold Floral Wave Ring possesses a unique minimalistic design. It features no stone but boasts a gold-plated stainless steel band the resembles a wave, which will make you reminiscent of spring and summer trips to the beach. Layering three or more of this ring would look great on a single finger if you want to achieve an illusion of beach waves.

Floral Filigree Ring

Floral Filigree Ring from Eternal Sparkles

This stunning ring is a mix of vintage glam and femininity. Unlike the previous fashion rings, the Floral Filigree Ring doesn't have a thin band. It boasts a wider band made of intricate filigree design. This ring is also perfect for Bohemian and gypsy styles. It's made of silvertone lead-free alloy and adorned with clear cubic zirconia stones.


Want to see more spring-worthy fashion rings? Check the shop for other designs fit for the season!

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