Accessorize Like Maisie Williams at The Golden Globes 2017

Accessorize Like Maisie Williams at The Golden Globes 2017

Arya Stark was the ray of sunshine on the red carpet.

Maisie Williams at the Golden Globes
Source: | @maisie_williams


Last January 8th at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, Maisie Williams, or Arya Stark of Game of Thrones, have managed to swoon all of us with her look. She wore a sunny yellow dress with a train which was designed by Ong-Oaj Pairam. It was a classic minimalist gown and hence didn't have any details on it. However, its cheery canary yellow color with a body-hugging fit made it a sophisticatedly gorgeous. Maisie was a minimalist version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast with a side of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog that night and a lot of fans agreed to this.

She didn't wear a lot of accessories too. Maisie wore a gold tiara that looks perfect with her chic updo, a pair of half hoop earrings, and a statement ring on her left hand. To top off the look, she carried a black elegant dragon egg pouch that complemented her jewelry and nails.

Maisie Williams yellow dress at Gloden Globes 2017
Source: | @maisie_williams


And because we love everything about Maisie that night, here are two picks from the shop than can make you achieve her 2017 Golden Globes look!

Swarovski Elements Crystal Half Hoop Earrings

Swarovski Elements Crystal Half Hoop Earrings from Eternal Sparkles

Maisie was wearing a pair of gorgeous half hoop earrings. Eternal Sparkles has a version similar to what she wore that night -- the Swarovski Elements Crystal Half Hoop Earrings. Brilliant Swarovski Elements crystals pave row stud the rhodium-plated setting. The earrings are 7/8" inches big each, just the perfect size for any lady's ears. Although the Swarovski Elements Crystal Half Hoop Earrings look ideal for evening wear, they look gorgeous for daytime wear too.

Black Vintage Filigree Ring

Black Vintage Filigree Ring from Eternal Sparkles

This Black Vintage Filigree Ring looks almost identical to what Maisie was wearing on her left index finger. It features a large jet black AAA Grade Cubic Zirconia stone in a teardrop cut at the center. The filigree designs at both sides of the band are studded with equally stunning clear round cut Cubic Zirconia stones. The ring is made from durable high polished stainless steel. The Black Vintage Filigree Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

To top off your evening look, don't forget to wear a metallic headband that looks like a lovely tiara. Paint your short nails jet black for an edgy vibe and off you go!


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