Best Earrings to Style Short Hair

Best Earrings to Style Short Hair

Here are the best pairs of earrings that look utterly gorgeous with short hair.

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The warmers months are the best time of the year to sport chic short hair. But with shorter locks, you'd look a lot less feminine. This is then the best time to wear your girliest dresses and tops. And of course, it's also the perfect time to accessorize with lovely earrings. This week, we have listed our top 5 pairs that look gorgeous with pixie or bob cuts.

Jewel Stars Tassel Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Stars Tassel Necklace

Channel the superstar in you with the Jewel Stars Tassel Necklace! This pair is a fresh take on the trendy tassel earrings. It features three-inch long chain tassels with a vintage finish, perfect for off-shoulder dresses and tops. Sparkly stars adorn the end of each tassel. This design is available in silver plating or gold plating like the one in the photo above. You sure are going to exude femininity and glamour with this cosmic-inspired pair.

Geometric Dangle Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Geometric Dangle Earrings

Although minimalist in style, these Geometric Dangle Earrings do not fail to make a statement. With its unique shape and gorgeous stone drops, this pair surely is eye-catching. The stones are faux marble but with a play of colors that can complement any outfit color. The metal is rose-gold plated, adding a bit more femininity to the pair/ This style is also available in gold-plating, with the stone in a bright blue, turquoise-like color.

Eternal Earrings

Eternal Earrings from Eternal Sparkles

The classic hoop earrings should not be forgotten! These Eternal Earrings can definitely bring out the femininity in a rather boyish cut. Each silvertone brass piece is studded with brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones that complement your CZ fashion rings. The pair's versatile look makes it easy to match with, so you can wear this with both your casual and dressy clothes.

Crystal Beaded Statement Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Crystal Beaded Statement Earrings

A creative take on the tassel earrings, these Crystal Beaded Statement Earrings are show-stopping! The pair boasts lovely gem crystals and beads exuding a Boho feel. The small chain tassel at the bottom of each hook earring adds a bit more pizzaz to the piece. These are perfect to wear with a solid-colored top or off-shoulder dresses. This pair is available in red beads too.

Metallic Stone Dangle Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Metallic Stone Dangle Earrings

Gems, whether synthetic or not, bring a sense of femininity and romanticism to any jewelry piece. This pair of Metallic Stone Dangle Earrings is one good example of that. If features beige-colored stones and gold-plated setting and hooks. Its natural color and chic design make it easy to pair with virtually any kind of outfit, as it makes you look more feminine than ever.


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