Black Fashion Jewelry Perfect For Fall and Winter

Black Fashion Jewelry Perfect For Fall and Winter

Match your black earrings from Halloween with rings and necklaces that exude glamour and elegance.

We previously highlighted black earrings that are perfect for the trick and treating season. So that you can still rock those pairs, get yourself other jewelry pieces with black accents such as fashion rings and necklaces to complement them. Dark hues are included in the fall and winter color palettes anyway, so you can totally stay fashionable with dark-colored jewelry. And without further ado, here are five pieces from our collection that would look perfect with black statement earrings.

Chevy Stone Ring

Eternal Sparkles Chevy Stone Ring

The gorgeous Chevy Stone Ring boasts a pear-shaped black cubic zirconia center stone, surrounded by clear round crystals. The band is rose gold tone-plated lead-free alloy, but it also available in silver plating. Wear it with tassel earrings or other statement earrings to add a bit more pizzaz to an already fashionable look.

Prism Ring

Eternal Sparkles Prism Ring

The uniquely-designed Prism Ring is one of our many elegant fashion rings that get many compliments. The piece features a large prism-shaped black cubic zirconia as its center stone, outlined with clear round crystals. The ring is made of rose goldtone-plated lead-free alloy. And as with the Chevy Stone Ring, the Prism Ring is also available in silver plating.

Cat Ears Triple Ring

Eternal Sparkles Cat Ears Triple Ring

Black cats are one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween, with Salem being the most famous black cat on TV. Although Halloween is over, you can still rock the Cat Ears Triple Ring this fall and winter. The set features three IP gold-plated stainless steel rings with one "cat ear" each made of jet-colored epoxy. One cool tip to wearing this is getting a smaller size and wear them as knuckle rings for a more unique look.

Jewel Wrapped Tassel Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Wrapped Tassel Necklace

The black Jewel Wrapped Tassel Necklace is the perfect match to your fall tassel earrings. It features a faux leather tassel that is 3.5 inches long and comes with a 26-inch gold-plated chain. This thing of beauty is also available in olive, another gorgeous color that is perfect for the season.

Beaded BonBon Tassel Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Beaded Bonbon Tassel Earrings

Another necklace to glamorize a fall and winter look is the Beaded BonBon Tassel Necklace. It boasts black and white beaded bonbons atop the beaded tassel. It comes with a 32-inch gold-plated chain and is made of lead-free materials. The Beaded BonBon Tassel Necklace is the matching piece for the Dainty Beaded BonBon Earrings.


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