Bridal Boutique: Gorgeous Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Bridal Boutique: Gorgeous Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Planning to pop the question to the woman of your life? Get her the perfect rings!

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Just in time for the bridal season, Eternal Sparkles has released a new bridal boutique collection, along with trendy spring and summer fashion rings. And if you prefer quality bands at lower prices, then you've come to the right place. Allow us to show off some of our gorgeous engagement rings and wedding ring sets.

Diana Engagement Ring

Diana Engagement Ring from Eternal Sparkles

For the lady who deserves to be royalty, give her the Diana Engagement Ring. Just one look at the large central stone will send shivers down her spine. It boasts a regal oval-cut sapphire blue center stone that reminds of the sapphire jewelry sets of Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. Clear round cubic zirconia stones outline the lovely blue stone. The band is made from silvertone lead-free alloy and has a weight of 6 karats. The Diana Engagement Ring is the perfect piece for the princess of your life.

Royalty Engagement Ring

Royalty Engagement Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Another engagement ring fit for regal women, the Royalty Engagement Ring lives up to its name. It gives an old world romantic vibe and such glamor that would look good on any woman deeply in love. It features a silvertone lead-free alloy band studded with sparkly clear cubic zirconia stones. A clear center stone is surrounded by smaller clear stones, which add to the sparkle of this royal piece. The Royalty Engagement Ring ensures a comfortable fit as it only weights 0.88 karats.

Modern Wedding Ring Set

Modern Wedding Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

If you're a couple who likes to stay away from the traditional ways, the Modern Wedding Ring Set is perfect for her. Propose with the engagement ring that features a stunning prong set round clear cubic zirconia stone. The silvertone lead-free alloy band is adorned with a playful mix of clear and tanzanite cubic zirconia stones which add the modern, unique vibe to the ring. The wedding band possesses the same vibe, minus the large center stone. This set is perfect for tanzanite-themed or royal-themed weddings because of the regal color.

Three Stone Wedding Ring Set

Three Stone Wedding Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

Say "I love you" in the form of brilliant stones with the Three Stone Wedding Ring Set. The engagement ring boasts three brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones with the center stone the largest. The thin silvertone lead-free alloy bands are studded with gorgeous clear stones as well, making them sparkle even in the faintest touch of light. This set is perfect for women who prefer thin banned-rings or love layering bands in the name of fashion.

Filigree Princess Cut Wedding Ring Set

Filigree Princess Cut Wedding Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

For the lady who loves the old world charm, this Filigree Princess Cut Wedding Ring Set is guaranteed to give her the giggles. The engagement ring boasts a princess-cut clear cubic zirconia stone atop the silvertone lead-free alloy band. Both sides of it are adorned with clear round cut cubic zirconia stones as well. The wedding band has heart and filigree details that give off a romantic, old world vibe any lady would love.


Choose from a wide array of bridal rings and fashion rings in the shop. Check for codes on the site as well for discounted prices!

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