Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Ring

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June has come and gone, but we still can't get out of the wedding hype! If you're not one of the June brides but is planning to wed in December or early next year, it's always great to make time for shopping for your wedding ring. In fact, you have to start shopping, now!

Unlike fashion rings, your wedding ring should be the best one in your collection. It represents a lot of things -- you and your partner's love for one another, and it also symbolizes an important milestone in a woman's life. That said, choosing the perfect ring may be a bit tough, especially if you have a whole lot of planning to do.

Because we love brides and we know how stressful the wedding planning can be, we'll help you with the shopping. Here's a checklist for choosing the perfect wedding ring.

1. Color

These days, wedding rings come in other colors aside from yellow or white gold. We've seen couples go with unique wedding themes, and getting an equally unconventional ring comes with it. If you and your partner are the unorthodox types, go for rings in dark colors.

Different wedding ring colors from Eternal Sparkles

Brown wedding rings are great for weddings in Autumn, as this chocolate hue is associated with things natural, earthy, and of course, warm and fuzzy feelings. They look great on any skin tone too!

Black is perfect for couples who love the Goth style. Black seen as evil is an old wives' tale; come to think of it, the color is a classic hue. Fashionwise, black exudes utter sophistication. Wedding rings of this color are perfect for fashion-forward couples.

Of course, if you want it traditional, you can go for the classic yellow or white gold colors.


2. Stones

Most rings are adorned with stones. The most common stones you see in rings are clear, but you can never go wrong with other hues. Again, if you are the unconventional type, there are so many to choose from!

different stones on wedding rings by Eternal Sparkles

A blue tone center ring is perfect for the chic bride. Blue is the color of the sky, the sea, and twilight. People also believe that it's the color of spirituality. Purple is also a great choice for a center stone. Amethysts symbolize serenity and humility. Lastly, red looks very regal when paired with yellow gold. Rubies are believed to be the "King of Gems," so if you consider yourself an empowered woman, this is the wedding ring for you!


3. Stone cuts

different stone cuts of wedding rings from Eternal Sparkles

Round is the classic stone cut. It's the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings, and it accounts for more than 75% of all diamonds sold.

Princess cut is also a favorite stone shape, particularly for women. It was invented in 1961 by Jewelry designer Arpad Nagy. It looks square when viewing at the top, but it's actually an inverted pyramid. This cut is popular among solitaire engagement rings because of its clean and modern style.

Lastly, the marquise cut reminds us of vintage pieces. This design has been around now for centuries, and it looks like it's here to stay.

Still can't decide? Take time to browse wedding rings of different colors and styles in our shop!

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