Dress to Impress on Your Job Interviews

Dress to Impress on Your Job Interviews

Here's a guide for women on how to look good in interviews!

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After years of hard work and sleepless study nights, you've finally graduated. Next up, applying for jobs. Whether you are a high school graduate or a college graduate, you should always look presentable in interviews. In this digital age, some companies may prefer online interviews, but some are still in the traditional way of hiring people. If you are invited to the latter, don't panic; we'll help you get ready. Here are some tips for looking impressive in your job interviews.

Good hygiene

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Yes of course! You cannot go to an interview smelling like the couch. Always take a bath or shower on the day of your interview. Don't forget to cut your nails as dirty nails are a sign of poor hygiene. If you plan on putting on nail polish, choose nude or pastel pink shades that can match your fashion rings. Wild or dark colors such as bright red or black should be avoided. You can wear lotion or cologne but make sure the smell is not overpowering. You might send the interviewer into a barrage of sneezes or contract an allergic reaction.

Have good hair.

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Do not forget to groom your mane. Updos are preferable as they keep the strands off of your face. You can tie your lovely beach waves up in a ponytail or a bun. Half pony or bun is perfect for medium or shoulder-length hair. For women with short hair or those sporting a pixie cut, a small amount of wax or gel can help achieve a sleek, clean hairstyle.


Maybelline makeup palette

Think bridal makeup. Yes, you read that right. Brides have fresh faces because they wear earthy tones and subtle makeup. Your eye makeup should be a shade of brown with just a thin line of dark eyeliner. Your lipstick should be subtle as well; pinks and peaches are great colors, depending on your skin tone. Avoid bright red, fuchsia, and other wild colors like purple or dark brown. Your goal is to look approachable and friendly.

Dress appropriately for the office environment

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Before preparing your clothes, research on the company's dress code. There are three types of dress codes -- corporate, business casual, and casual. Corporate dress codes are usually seen in traditional offices and large companies. The right ensemble to wear is a suit paired with a skirt or slacks. Wear solid-colored closed heels or pumps which you could walk comfortably in. Business casual, on the other hand, is less uptight looking. Cardigans and khaki pants or skirts are acceptable, but avoid wearing jeans. Shoes to wear may be pumps, peep toe heels or Mary Jane flats. Casual dress codes are usually seen in small offices or startups. Do make sure first that dressing casually is acceptable. Skinny jeans paired with a blazer on top of a dressy top is fine. As for the shoes, flats and espadrilles look nice.

Accessorize minimally

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As with the rule of not wearing any overpowering cologne or perfume, wearing accessories should also be done in moderation. Jewelry does make you stand out, but wearing a lot of sparkly pieces in an interview is a total turn-off. Minimal fashion rings are acceptable, but don't wear too many; remember, you are not going to Coachella! A minimal ring or two is okay, as well as stud earrings and a small pendant necklace to pair them with.


Aside from looking fresh and presentable, you have to have a shot of confidence! Do read about current events as well, as being aware of the news and trends will definitely impress your interviewer. Good luck!

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