Fashion Guide in Wearing Jewelry at the Office

Posted on 16 September 2016

Wearing jewelry in the office is something that needs to be done right. Otherwise, you might end up over-accessorizing. That said, here's a fashion guide for modern and chic women who want to go to their workplace with style and elegance without going overboard. Check out our tips below:


Keep it minimal.

minimal modern jewelry
Source: (Sarah Sarna - Minimal Modern Jewelry)


Unless you work as a fashion stylist or designer, you might want to keep everything minimal. Remember, that less is always more, and simplicity is beauty. Stacking bracelets or wearing oversized hoop earrings are some of the few jewelry pieces you might want to avoid. A good tip given by fashion stylists is to remove one item before leaving the house.


Start with wearing dainty jewelry.

dainty jewelry
Source: (Saved by Vrai And Oro)


Dainty jewelry is one way to keep things minimal. Dainty jewelry is known for its delicate design which earned them the name “minimalist jewelry.” These conservative pieces are perfect for a simple and sleek look while giving you a variety of designs to choose from. They are clean to look at, which makes them the ideal jewelry to wear when going to your office.


Don’t be afraid to wear statement pieces.

statement pieces


Everyone has a unique style when it comes to wearing jewelry. Don’t be scared to let your personality shine through the jewelry you wear. You can always add fashion rings on your finger or wear layered thin necklaces for an elegant look. Just make sure to avoid flashy jewelry such as clanking bracelets or sparkling earrings.


Know the rules in your workplace.

jewelry at work


Lastly, before you plan on wearing jewelry, you must know the rules in your workplace. Some offices do not allow their employees to wear any jewelry, others forbid jewelry that showcases any political or religious symbolism. Be aware of your working environment, so you’ll know whether the right jewelry you can wear at work.

By keeping in mind these simple tips, you can now properly accessorize and show your jewelry style at the office. Just remember that the jewelry you wear should not interfere with any of your work.

Keep in style, girl!


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