Fashion Jewelry to Match Dark Clothes

Posted on 11 September 2017

Autumn is coming, so are darker and warmer colors.

No need to be sad that summer's gone, as you can still stay as stylish in pumpkin spice season. Brightly-colored summery clothes may now be off the shelves and replaced with darker-colored long-sleeved dresses and sweaters, but you can still have fun styling these outfits. Fashion accessories such as a variety of jewelry pieces can instantly upgrade your fall outfits. That said, here's a guide on what kind of fashion rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to wear with these colors.

Dark blue

Woman in a dark blue dress
Source: | Warm


Dark blue is a color that reminds of the beautiful crystal, sapphire, which also happens to be the birthstone for September. However, that doesn't mean you need to wear sapphire jewelry with your blue dresses all season long. Blue matches silver and white, so wear pieces in this color. If your dress has patterns like that in the photo above, go for minimalist rings with a matching bracelet and a pair of stud earrings.

Eternal Sparkles' picks:

Eternal Sparkles jewelry


Browns and other earth colors

Woman in a brown floral dress
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Earth colors such as brown exude a homey, warm, and fuzzy feeling. Accessorize an earth tone dress with lots of yellow gold. Fashion jewelry in this color stands out more when matched with browns, mustards, reds, and oranges. Go for a classy gold statement rings layered with equally gorgeous minimalist rings.

Eternal Sparkles' picks:

Eternal Sparkles gold-tone fashion jewelry


Grays and blacks

Woman in a gray dress
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Dark hues such as grays and blacks are ideal for the season, especially for Halloween. Wear rose gold jewelry to make outfits in these colors look softer and more feminine. The pink metallic color is a perfect contrast to the edgy, dark hues. Wear rose gold hoops or drop earrings paired with a lovely necklace.Don't forget to wear a ring or two and bracelets.

Eternal Sparkles' picks:

Eternal Sparkles rose gold fashion jewelry


Whites and creams with dark patterns

Woman in a printed cream dress
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Light-colored outfits still look great in fall, especially if they have dark patterns prints of multiple colors on them. Tri-colored jewelry then is the perfect choice of accessory for this look. Wear layered rings, bracelets, and necklaces in silver-tone, gold-tone, and rose gold-tone.

Eternal Sparkles' picks:

Eternal Sparkles tri-colored fashion jewelry


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