Fashion Jewelry to Match Your Hair Color

Fashion Jewelry to Match Your Hair Color

Here's how to match your jewelry with the color of your hair.

woman with naturally red hair in a ponytail

Your hair color actually matters when it comes to picking out fashion jewelry. You may not do this often, and yes, anyone can wear any color of the piece they like, but being able to match the two makes a big difference. Want to know how to enhance your overall look? Here's a simple, straightforward guide on how to match your jewelry with your hair color, as well as a few of our picks.

Black Hair

Ladies with the black hair are lucky because the best jewelry pieces for this hair color is anything bright and bold. Anything pastel tends to stand out too. Basically all the tones -- rose gold, yellow gold, and silver look gorgeous with a dark mane. Statement jewelry pieces, like the tassel earrings, are perfect as well. Hues that tend to get lost in this hair color, however, are the browns and blacks, or any soft earth tones.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick

woman with black hair wearing Bohemian Fan Tassel Earrings in Red from Eternal Sparkles
Bohemian Fan Tassel Earrings in Red


Brown Hair

Brunettes, much like ladies with black hair, look great with jewelry with stones and crystals in colors that belong in the blue family. This hue tends to highlight the natural undertones of the hair. With that said, the perfect jewelry pieces are those with aqua or sapphire stones such as bracelets, fashion rings, and earrings. The beautiful purple crystal, amethyst look gorgeous with brown hair as well.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick

Tri-Color Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles
Tri-Color Ring Set


Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair, whether dyed or natural, go with the darker colored gemstone jewelry. When it comes to metal tone, rose gold and yellow gold look best. If you want to go with silver tone, make sure that the piece is studded with darker colored gemstones. The best crystals that complement blonde hair are those with blue, green, and brown colors.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick

blonde woman wearing V Rose Gold Drop Earrings from Eternal Sparkles
V Rose Gold Drop Earrings


Red Hair

For the gingers, go for the neutrals and earth tones. Muted colors tend to stand out with fiery red hair. That said, yellow gold and rose gold tone pieces are perfect. Silver-tone, on the other hand, do not stand out with this hair color. You can go with jewelry with gemstones such as howlite, rainbow moonstone, citrine, tiger's eye, amber, peridot, emerald, sapphire, and pearls.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick

 Dainty Bonbon Tassel Earrings from Eternal Sparkles
Dainty Bonbon Tassel Earrings


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