Fun Ways to Organize Your Fashion Rings Collection

Fun Ways to Organize Your Fashion Rings Collection

Get rid of the clutter in your bedroom; organize a huge ring collection in creative ways.

old book ring display


Have you ever felt the need for a jewelry organizer because your collection is getting bigger and bigger? We definitely know the feeling, that is why we always make sure that we have ring holders to keep our collection organized. Although you can purchase ready-made holders or displays in stores, creating your own is much more fun, and you get to customize it based on your current mood or personality. So this week, we picked out five of the most creative ways to organize your fashion rings collection.


Muffin pan

muffin pan ring display


Muffin pans, believe it or not, make great ring holders. Much more so if they show signs and wear, as they give a steampunk feel. They are ideal for holding sterling silver or brass rings or other vintage-inspired pieces. Each mold can also hold up to about three pieces, so it's perfect for a large collection.


Plate of dry beans

plate of dried beans ring display


Yes, this is another one from the kitchen! Because dry beans are white, they are able to make the pieces stand out. Alternatively, you can also use small white pebbles or white rice. If your ring collection, however, is mostly sterling silver or silver tone, you may opt to use darker ones like coffee beans or dark-colored pebbles.


Old books

book ring display


Old books are one of our favorite ring holders because they exude that old world charm. Perfect for the romantics and bookworms out there, book ring displays can hold as many rings as you like. You'll just have to create some sections, then fold and hot glue them. The number of sections, of course, depends on the number of pieces in your collection.


Ring cones

DIY cone ring display


This is the most common one, but you sure can customize it with a design you desire! All you need is cardboard and wrapping papers with the design of your choice. You'll just need to cut out a perfect circle then cut out a pizza shape; much like a pizza slice. Overlap both edges to form a cone. Lastly, cover it with the wrapping paper and secure them with glue.


Small pot

small plant pot ring display


A ceramic pot makes a cool ring holder too! Just fill it with rice, pebbles, or crystal chips just below the rim. You can also go with some fabric and cardboard pieces which are made into ring slots as with the photo above. And voila! You've got a lovely ceramic ring holder that can also be made into a paperweight. Choose ceramic pots of different colors to create a rainbow ring holder collection on your dresser, table, or windowsill.

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