Gift Ideas for Mom this Christmas

Gift Ideas for Mom this Christmas

Pick out the perfect gift for the woman of the house.

Christmas is just around the corner; have you decided on what to give your mom? Motherhood is one tough job, and most say that it's the extreme measure of being alive. A mother is the light of the family, a child's role model. With that said, they only deserve the best.

What better way to repay their hardship but by gifting them with something as eternal as their love for their children? This Christmas, gift them with gorgeous jewelry that can withstand the test of time. We will be featuring ring gift ideas this week, to ease you with the trouble of finding the perfect present for the lady of the house.

For the minimalist mom

Some moms stay stylish and religiously follow the latest fashion trends. The minimalist jewelry trend has been a hit this year, and stackable rings are one of the favorites of celebrities and fashionistas alike. Make your mom wear these gorgeous fashion rings and make her feel younger as ever!

Cat ears triple ring
Cat Ears Triple Ring by Eternal Sparkles


Gift her with something that reminds her of things she loves. If she loves cats, then this stackable ring set is perfect for her! The Cat ears triple-ring set is made of sturdy yellow gold-plated stainless steel. Each ring is adorned with a jet black epoxy cat ear. These rings may be worn at any time of the day and match almost every wardrobe piece.

Multiple color stainless steel epoxy ring
Multiple color stainless steel epoxy ring by Eternal Sparkles


If Mom is a lover of the arts, gift her with something with an art deco style. Gift her with this Multiple color stainless steel epoxy ring set which boasts of minimalist triangle accents in three different colors. All three rings are made of stainless steel and yellow gold-plated for utter elegance.

Three-toned stackable rings
 Three-toned stackable rings by Eternal Sparkles


If your Mom is a true blue minimalist who finds beauty in the simplest things, get her the three-toned stackable ring set. All three rings have no stones, but boast of a fun and playful bubble design. The rings come in stainless, yellow gold-plated, and rose gold-plated tones. This set is ideal for everyday wear and great to stack with other rings.

For the classy mom

Classy moms prefer wearing timeless pieces. Pearl jewelry is the best choice of present for them as jewelry pieces with this stone exude sophistication and confidence at their best. Make Mom feel like a queen with these gorgeous pearl rings.

White pearl stainless steel cocktail ring
 White pearl stainless steel cocktail ring by Eternal Sparkles


This statement ring sure deserves a second look. It boasts of a large white pearl at the center bordered with three clear cubic zirconia stones at both sides. The ring is made of brilliant stainless steel, perfect for evening parties with her friends.

Rose gold white pearl ring
 Rose gold white pearl ring by Eternal Sparkles

Make your mom stand out in the crowd with a perfectly classy rose gold ring. This chic jewelry piece is made of stainless steel with a rose gold plating. Aside from the white pearl, this ring also boasts of a brilliant clear cubic zirconia heart-shaped stone. The rose gold white pearl ring may be worn anytime, either for casual or formal events.

Dual white pearl ring
 Dual white pearl ring by Eternal Sparkles


This brass ring is a gorgeous piece that symbolizes a mother and daughter's bond. The large pearl represents your mom, and the smaller one, you. This rhodium-plated brass ring is also adorned with brilliant cubic zirconia stones, making it a perfect accessory for evening parties.

For moms who love to make a statement

Some moms do not like to follow the latest trends. They pride themselves with their own timeless fashion choices and don't care much about what people say. That said, elegant cocktail rings are the perfect rings to gift them with. Give your mom a piece or two this Christmas!

Aquamarine emerald cut CZ statement ring
 Aquamarine emerald cut CZ statement ring by Eternal Sparkles


This stainless steel ring is boasts of an emerald-cut sea blue premium crystal, sandwiched between equally gorgeous clear cubic zirconia stones. Your mom will stand out from the crowd with this thing of beauty.

Gilda amethyst cocktail ring
 Gilda amethyst cocktail ring by Eternal Sparkles


Made from high-polished stainless steel, this ring is adorned with a chic purple cubic zirconia stone at the center. Smaller brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones adorn each side of the purple gem. Perfect for evening wear, your mom will shine with sophistication and glamor with this eye-catching stand-out piece.

Mint green cubic zirconia cocktail ring
 Mint green cubic zirconia cocktail ring by Eternal Sparkles


Match your mom's green or hazel eyes with this ultra-feminine mint green CZ ring. Boasting of clear cubic zirconia stones surrounding the mint green crystal, this ring is made of durable stainless steel. This eye-catching piece surely will get a lot of compliments.

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