Gold-Plated Fashion Rings for Everyday Wear

Gold-Plated Fashion Rings for Everyday Wear

Choose from these lovely golden pieces fit for the summer.

hand wearing the Eternal Sparkles Gold Cosmic Ring

Who doesn't love dressing up in the summer? This is the season to go all out in fashion -- wear your favorite Bohemian flirty dresses or go edgy with a crop top and ripped jeans. Of course, the fun extends to accessorizing too. And because the summer is all about the heat of the sun, the best color to go with is gold. Gold rings are perfect to wear in hot, summer days and nights. With that said, we picked out five gold-plated fashion rings from our collection that are worth adding to your collection!

Gold Moon Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold Moon Ring

Although this is called the Gold Moon Ring, it could also pass as the sun! It features a round design atop the gold-plated lead-free alloy setting. The circle is accented with a gorgeous round cubic zirconia crystal pave giving off just the right sparkles. This piece is very versatile as you can wear it any time of the day.

Gold Novem Ring

Gold Novem Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The Gold Novem Ring exudes feminity and simplicity, perfect for the woman who finds beauty in the little things! It features nine sparkly cubic zirconia crystals that line one side of the thin gold-plated lead-free alloy band. This piece looks gorgeous worn with pretty summer dresses and cute strappy sandals.

Gold Cosmic Ring

Gold Cosmic Ring from Eternal Sparkles

If you love the cosmos or anything related to the universe, the Gold Cosmic Ring is the piece for you. It features a unique design that reminds of an atom diagram. Whether you are a science geek or have an affinity for the cosmos, this piece belongs to your collection! Wear this ring any time of the day, with any type of outfit.

Gold X Ring

Gold X Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The Gold X Ring possesses such elegance that can immediately level up any look. This gold-plated lead-free alloy piece features a chic X design and is studded all over with sparkly clear cubic zirconia crystals. When worn, it gives the illusion of having a golden ribbon on your finger. This piece looks perfect with your flirty summer dresses and lace tops.

Gold Chevy Ring

Gold Chevy Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Last on the list but definitely, not the least is the Gold Chevy Ring. One thing we love about this piece is that it is so versatile that you can wear it any time of the day with any kind of outfit. It possesses simplicity and exudes elegance with its straightforward design and cubic zirconia crystal accents. This ring can be worn solo or worn with other minimalist rings.


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