Great Jewelry Gift Ideas for The Bride

Great Jewelry Gift Ideas for The Bride

Gift her with sparkly jewelry pieces she would love to wear every day.

smiling bride holding her bouquet of flowers

If the bride happens to be a close friend of yours, you'll want to give her something really special on her wedding day. Picking out the perfect gift may be tough, especially if she's your best friend. Surely, you want yours to stand out among the rest. The key here is to think about what her interests are and use that information to pick the right kind of jewelry piece for her.

Accessorizing is based on one's personality. Take note of the things she loves and things she hates. Lucky for you, we're here to help you pick out the perfect jewelry piece for your best friend.

The boho chic

Bohemian ladies love music festivals and 70s fashion. They're the modern flower child and go for large jewelry that makes a statement. You can pick out fashion rings with flower details and pieces that burst with color. Anything with turquoise is a must-have too. Here are a few suggestions:

eternal sparkles boho-inspired fashion jewelry


The punk rocker chic

The rocker chic tends to go for large pieces as well. She prefers rings she could wear either on the thumb or index finger and go for the single earring trend. She usually belongs in a band and plays the guitar. What better way to adorn those strumming fingers but with lovely rings! Check out these ring suggestions plus other jewelry pieces:


punk rock-inspired fashion jewelry from eternal sparkles

The minimalist

Minimalist ladies enjoy the simple things. Dainty pieces will definitely make them smile. Jewelry with fewer details and stones are perfect for them. Check out these jewelry suggestions.

minimalist fashion jewelry from eternal sparkles

The classy lady

Pearls are the classiest pieces of jewelry women wear and make the wearer look elegant. Gift your classy friend with jewelry with these gorgeous gems. Pearl jewelry can be worn any time of day, and even with any outfit. Here are some of the pieces you can pick out:

classy fashion jewelry from eternal sparkles

Jewelry lasts for a long time, making it a perfect choice of present. It will signify your long time friendship, and will make her feel that you are that special to you. Good luck with the shopping!

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