How to Achieve a Funky Style

How to Achieve a Funky Style

Stand out from the crowd with your funky look with these style tips.

woman wearing funky colorful clothes

Having a funky style means not being afraid to stay out of the trends and instead use them to their styling advantage. It’s all about experimenting with different types of styles, putting them all together to create your own. Funky fashion is all but boring because it allows you to take fashion risks and as a result, become one-of-a-kind.

Want to reinvent your style this season? Here are some simple tips that you can follow to achieve a funky look.


Wear an unconventional pair of earrings with a dressy top.

Funky Acrylic Candy Earrings from Eternal Sparkles
Funky Acrylic Candy Earrings


Get looks and compliments with a bold pair of unconventional earrings paired with a feminine top or dress. These two are generally not paired together, but they still complement each other. The earrings give off a fun and young vibe to a feminine, prim and proper outfit. Wear statement fashion rings as well to add a bit more glamour to the unique look.


Wear rose gold layered necklaces with an all-black grunge outfit.

blonde woman wearing Dual Infinity Necklace from Eternal Sparkles
Dual Infinity Necklace


Add a bit of subtle femininity to a rebel style with a dainty necklace. It heavily contrasts the boyish look, as well as the colors, allowing it to stand out. Rose gold is the preferred metal tone as the pink metallic color gives off a romantic vibe that the black outfit lacks.


Wear a pair of trendy casual sunglasses with your work wear.

woman with black hair wearing Amelia Sunglasses from Eternal Sparkles
Amelia Sunglasses


Protect your eyes from the sun all the while staying funky and cool as ever with a pair of sunglasses on your way to work. Most pairs in the market today are versatile, meaning they look pretty good with almost all kinds of fashion styles. As for business wear such as a blazer and slacks, a trendy pair of aviator sunnies with fun pastel lenses look perfect.


Go all out with a funky pair of tassel earrings and a brightly-patterned dress.

Boho Cord Bonbon Tassel Earrings from Eternal Sparkles
Boho Cord Bonbon Tassel Earrings

If you’re ready to take a real fashion risk, accessorize with a statement pair of tassel earrings with a top or dress with bright colors and heavy patterns. Not only will you stand out in a crowd filled with minimalist fashionistas, but you will also exude fun and positivity. Go for the striking yellows and reds and other hues that will remind you of spring and summer fun.


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