How to Complement Your Jewelry with MakeUp

How to Complement Your Jewelry with MakeUp

Look more gorgeous with the perfect makeup that looks great with your fashion jewelry.

With the rise of numbers of beauty vloggers on YouTube, more and more women are getting interested in wearing makeup. Whether going to work, school, or simply running errands, wearing makeup is now a must for fashionable women. And to make the look even more noticeable, some women complement their makeup to the jewelry they are wearing. Curious how they do it? We have listed down five ways you can make your makeup complement your fashion jewelry.

A rosy blush for silver earrings

Kate Bosworth


For silver or silver tone earrings, a pink or peach blush giving a natural rosy glow can make your earrings stand out more. Avoid bright red or almost neon tones as this might clash with silver instead of complementing it. Silver tone jewelry is already brilliant, so no need to overdo your makeup.


Natural eye shadow for silver necklaces



As with the silver earrings, you should let silver necklaces do the eye-talking. Think bridal makeup; earth tones are the best. Choose hues that are two to three tones darker than your skin color, and add some highlighter to further accentuate your facial features.


Matching eye shadow for solid-colored earrings

Source: | Nikkia Joy


Be prepared to get compliments; matching the color of your eye shadow with the color of your earrings will guarantee a show-stopping look. You can opt to wear makeup and earrings with the same color of your eyes. Doing so will make your eyes stand out from the rest of your face, making the color even more vibrant.


Pink lips for rose gold jewelry

Source: | Eternal.Sparkles


Metallic pink jewelry complements hot pink lips! Make sure, however, that the lipstick shade you wear also complements your skin color. This look is perfect for spring and summer, as neon or hot pink remind of fun summer days. If you want to do this in the colder months, rose pink or dusty rose can be an alternative to the summer shade.


Smokey eye for gold jewelry

From San-Boy
Source: | San Boy


Gold jewelry stands out more if you go for smokey eyes paired with nude lips. The dark eye shadow enhances the brilliance of your gold earrings and necklaces, and therefore, perfect to wear to evening events. Basically, dark hues complement gold, just make sure that the shades complement your skin tone as well.


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