How to Feminize an Edgy Look

How to Feminize an Edgy Look

Want to wear a boyish outfit without losing the girly vibe? Here are some fashion accessories you need to wear.

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Not all ladies prefer to wear girly-girl outfits. Some may be content with wearing just the basics, while some love to wear boyish outfits. These may include a black leather jacket, ripped black jeans, and a statement shirt. If you're one of the latter, then you've landed on the right article. This week, we'll be turning the spotlight on fashion jewelry that best complements the edgy rebel type of looks.


Rose Gold Geometric Drop Earrings from Eternal Sparkles

Instead of going for silver studs, wear a pair of rose gold drop earrings. The color itself already adds a fun, feminine vibe. That said, the Rose Gold Geometric Drop Earrings is the perfect pair to soften an edgy look. These stainless steel pieces are a simple yet striking addition to your style.


Chevy Necklace from Eternal Sparkles

Adorn your neck with another rose gold piece to match your earrings. The Chevy Necklace is perfect for the edgy look while still staying soft and girlish. It doesn't have too many frills and is very comfortable to wear. Adding a bit of pink to your neck dramatically complements your black leather jacket or dark-colored band shirt. This stainless steel necklace is 18 inches long with a two-inch extender.


18k Gold Plated Eternity Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

Fashion rings greatly feminizes a boyish look especially if they are adorned with sparkly crystals. Experiment with both dainty and statement pieces or go all out with stackable pieces. This time, you can mix and match different tones; wear rose gold, yellow gold, and silver-tone together. One set that you can wear is the 18k Gold Plated Eternity Ring Set. The bands have a pretty wave design, and each "wave" is studded with a lovely clear cubic zirconia stone.


Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet from Eternal Sparkles

Don't forget to wear a lovely feminine bracelet. Go for the minimalist piece, so you don't go overboard with your accessories. The Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet is the perfect one to wear. The lead-free alloy bracelet is studded with gorgeous clear crystals. The bracelet is so thin it looks as though the stones are floating on your wrist.


Miranda Sunglasses from Eternal Sparkles

You can soften the boyish look with a feminine pair of sunnies. Instead of aviators with dark-colored lenses, go for the cat-eyes with pastel-colored lenses. The double-rim cat-eyes, Miranda Sunglasses is the perfect pick. It has thin gold frames with feminine pink ombre lenses. You need not worry about matching the pair with your dark-colored outfits because the pair's color complements a majority of tones.


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