How to Look Your Best on Easter Sunday

How to Look Your Best on Easter Sunday

After hiding all the Easter eggs and preparing your Easter feast, it's time to dress up and look good for the party. This holiday officially marks the season of spring, so go for happy and bright colors. Pastels are perfect, and of course, floral patterns. Without further ado, here are easy ways on how to look your best at your Easter party with your family and friends!

Wear pastels.

Wear pastels


As previously said, pastels scream spring and Easter. Choose dresses or a top in those colors, preferably yellow, green, and blue. Sleeveless dresses are the best choice as they are perfect for the sunny weather.  As for the bottoms, khakis, white pants, or light-colored skirts are perfect.

Wear florals.

wear florals


If you think solid-colored dresses and tops are too plain, then go for floral patterns. Pick a floral dress with comfortable fabric so the skin can breathe and it won't stick to your skin. If you think dresses are too feminine, opt for a floral top or bottoms. Floral shorts and skirts look great when paired with a lace top or a plain pastel top.

Wear comfy shoes.

Wear comfy shoes
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This spring, comfort is a priority. Wear flats, ballet shoes, or even sneakers. As for the colors, go with pastels or earthy tones. Make sure they complement the colors of your clothes. Keep those stilettos for the meantime; egg-hunting won't be fun if your feet are killing you!

Protect your eyes from the sun.

Protect your eyes from the sun
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Now, the accessories! Sunglasses should always be on top of your list especially if you're going to be outside the whole day. They protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. It will make hunting for eggs easier too, and you won't have to squint when out in the sun. And of course, sunnies are very fashionable too!

Accessorize with fashion-forward jewelry.

fashion-forward jewelry from Eternal Sparkles
Fashion jewelry from Eternal Sparkles


Finally, do not forget to top off your look with stunning jewelry! Adorn your fingers with fashion rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Yellow gold and rose gold pieces match the spring colors of your outfit. This Easter, the best way to go is to wear minimalist pieces; you don't want to overdo your look with bold jewelry. Plus, cocktail rings and large bangles might be a hindrance to egg hunting!


We absolutely love florals for Easter! How about you, what's your favorite look? 

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