How to Mix and Match Fashion Rings with Stones

How to Mix and Match Fashion Rings with Stones

Learn how to style fashion rings with stones this Spring.


One of the coolest ways to accessorize this season is by wearing or layering multiple rings. These do not have to be all thin band minimalist rings; a mix of cocktails and dainty pieces are perfect. But for this week, we will teach you how to wear fashion rings with stones.

Mix contrasting stone colors.

Gold Galaxy Ring and Infinity Ring by Eternal Sparkles

Sometimes, putting two opposites together look perfect. As with colors, the outcome is the same. For example, red and blue are on opposite sides of the color wheel. But if you put them together, somehow, they complement each other. So don’t be afraid to play with colors when it comes to wearing stone-studded rings.

Follow the warm and cool tone rule.

Prism Ring by Eternal Sparkles

We’ve mentioned before the ways on how to match the color of your fashion jewelry with your skin tone. This also applies to the colors of your fashion rings. Cool tones include everything on the blue side of the color wheel, while warm hues are on the red side of the wheel. So if you have a silver-tone ring, match it with pieces with sapphire, turquoise, or smoky quartz. Whereas if you have a gold-tone ring, go for rings with ruby, carnelian, and coral.

Wear a mix of cocktail and minimalist rings.

Fashion Rings by Eternal Sparkles

Don’t be afraid to wear a mix of bold and simple pieces. Doing so adds texture to the look, making them more eye-catching. You can either get both styles with stones of similar colors or go with gems of contrasting colors.

Go for the classic match.

Lastly, if you want to go safe with the colors, match fashion rings of the same metal plating and stones. Go with stones of different hues of blues — sky blue, blue, navy blue, and violet. You can also add one ring with a clear crystal as clear goes with virtually any color.

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