How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection

How to Organize Your Jewelry Collection

Keep your jewelry pieces organized with these simple tips.

If you have a really huge collection of fashion rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, you are probably having a hard time looking for a particular piece. Much so if they are all kept in just one place. Some pieces can be tangled with one another, and some rings and pendants can get scratches. Prevent these from happening by organizing your jewelry collection. With that said, here are some tips on how to keep your jewelry pieces organized.

For your rings

DIY ring holder from Hello Glow


We need to be extra careful with rings because they are small and tend to get lost easily. You can place them in an old jewelry box or small dishes and bowls. You can find these antique shops or surplus stores. You can choose to put them on your vanity table or inside your drawer. Alternatively, you can also create your own ring dish using clay. That way, you can personalize your holders and create different sizes too.

For your earrings

DIY earring holder from Trey and Lucy Blog
Source: Trey and Lucy Blog


As with your fashion rings, the chances of your earrings getting lost is really high. You can lose one piece, the backing, or even the charm itself. That said, the pair should always be kept together. You can do this by getting yourself an earring display or a jewelry organizer with small partitions. If you're feeling extra creative, you can make one your own. All you need is an old picture frame and lace. Just staple the lace at the back and voila! You have a vintage-inspired earring holder!

For your necklaces

DIY necklace holder from Fashion Lush


You can get yourself a holder or display for your necklace collection. There are many unique designs available out there and some even double as home decor. If you don't want to spend money, you can make one yourself using stuff found in the house. For example, the hooks in your closet or behind the door can hold necklaces, so can an old hanger. All it takes is a steady flow of creativity and a lot of inspiration from Pinterest boards.

For your bracelets

DIY bracelet holder from Home My Design


Bracelets and bangles are the easiest to organize. You can simply hang them on hooks as you would with your necklaces. If you want to separate the two, you can use old bottles as holders. Personalize them by painting or filling them with colorful sand, or choose to keep them bare. Beer bottles make great holders because they are just the right size and they can hold a lot of bracelets.


Now that you've organized your collection, don't you think it's time to add more? Check out the shop for new fashion jewelry and stay stylish this fall!

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