How to Rock a Nautical Look this Spring and Summer

How to Rock a Nautical Look this Spring and Summer

Ahoy! Pull off a nautical fashion style without looking costumey this season.

The nautical look is synonymous with spring and summer fashion. It became a popular style decades ago but became a hot weather fashion staple when Audrey Hepburn rocked chic striped tops. This look is easy to achieve as long as you have the right accessories. Channel the fashion icon with these six simple tips on how to effortlessly rock the nautical look.


Stripes, stripes, stripes!

Audrey Hepburn in stripes


Wear a top or dress with clean lines. If you don't have any, you can make do with a bag with stripes. Do not, however, overdo the stripes. You can only wear one fashion piece with these stripes. Otherwise, you'd look like you're dressed in a sailor costume for Halloween.


Anchors and sailboats

Woman in a dress with anchors and sailboats prints
Source: | @thefoxandfern


If you are not a stripes fan, you can opt for a top or dress with an anchor or sailboat pattern. Polka dots remind of the vintage nautical style too. Lucky for you if you find a dress with all these designs!


Blue, white, and red

Woman in blue, white, and red swimsuit


Get wardrobe pieces in these colors -- blue, white, and red. This is because the classic sailor uniform is white with blue stripes. Red is added because it complements the two hues. You can also wear pieces in khaki as it looks great with pieces in this palette.



Woman in white cotton pants
Source: | DancingDoris


You should always wear cotton during the hot season! No one wants clothes with fabric that stick to the skin once you perspire. Choose white cotton pants as clothing in light colors are comfy and cool to the skin.



Flats with a nautical style


Your feet should stay comfy too, so it's best to wear flats. You can either wear a pair with a nautical design, or you can opt for a plain pair in blue, white, or red colors. Sandals and slip-on sneakers are perfect for the nautical look as well.


Fashion jewelry

Fashion rings and bracelets from Eternal Sparkles
Fashion rings and bracelets from Eternal Sparkles


Lastly, do not forget to accessorize with fashion jewelry! Choose fashion rings with geometric designs that look like stripes on your fingers, as well as thin bracelets to complement your wardrobe. As for the colors, silvertone looks great with this look.


Got any more tips to achieve the nautical style this spring and summer? Do share them in the comments below!

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