How to Rock Rose Gold Jewelry This Christmas

How to Rock Rose Gold Jewelry This Christmas

Sparkle in rose gold jewelry even in layered clothing!

Rose gold is a favorite hue among the ladies today. And why not? It's a lovely feminine color that gives off an old-world romance and matches all skin tones. With its popularity on the rise, almost every product in the market has a rose gold variant - smartphones, bags, shoes, makeup, hair color, and of course, jewelry.

Fall and winter are associated with warm colors, making rose gold the perfect wardrobe palette. But because of the cold weather, we tend to layer up clothing and forget to wear accessories. Do not make that mistake, especially if there's a risk of running into the guy you've been eyeing for weeks! This week, we'll be giving tips on how to be noticeable with rose gold jewelry fashion rings and other pieces even in thick winter clothing.

Bangle up!

bracelet style
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The long sleeves of sweaters and bomber jackets are not an excuse for dressing up your wrists. There are two ways to wear bracelets -- wear them over the sleeves or roll them up to keep your forearms exposed. Choose tops that closely match your rose gold jewelry. Although the metallic pink hue matches almost all colors, white, denim, black, and neutral tones are the best hues.

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Dress up your neck

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Keep your neck warm with a layer of rose gold necklaces in various lengths and textures. But if you want to wear a stylish scarf, a single necklace would do. Just make sure that the chain is long enough for the pendant to be visible. Solid-colored dresses and sweaters are always the best wardrobe pieces to wear these with.

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Adorn your digits

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Don't be afraid to experiment and wear more than two rings on your hand! The stackable ring trend is all the rage right now, and it looks like it's here to stay. Choose thin, minimalist bands if you're planning to wear multiple rings on one finger. You can wear bold, statement rings on one finger as well, but two bands are enough as you might overdo it. You can mix rose gold fashion rings with other ring colors, such as silver and yellow gold.

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Always remember to have fun accessorizing even in the coldest of weather. Turn a dull winter get-up into a stylish piece of wardrobe with these rose gold jewelry!

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