How to Rock the Tassel Trend in Fall

How to Rock the Tassel Trend in Fall

Tassel jewelry may have been a favorite accessory during the summer, but who says you can't wear them in fall? Here are ways on how to style tassel jewelry this season.

Eternal Sparkles Jewel-Wrapped Tassel Necklace in Black

This year's summer, tassel jewelry has been re-introduced, particularly the long, vividly colored tassel earrings and pendants, even bags, and tops. According to Deborah Lloyd, Kate Spade's chief creative officer, tassels are the new bows. This then made tassels a fashion staple last season. Summer may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean you can't wear your flamboyant pairs of earrings and necklaces. That said, here's a style guide on how to wear your tassel jewelry and other accessories this fall.


Match them with your fringe boots.

woman in fringe boots and a tassel necklace
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Fall is the season of turtlenecks and boots. Fringe boots, in particular, totally complement your tassel jewelry. The Jewel Wrapped Tassel Necklace is one piece that matches brown fringe boots. The pendant is made of faux leather, about 3.5 inches long and comes with a 25-inch long chain. This gorgeous pendant necklace comes in two dark colors -- olive and black.


Match them with a tassel shoulder bag.       

Tassel bag and Tassel Necklace and Earrings
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Upgrade your look with a stylish tassel bag paired with a tassel necklace of the same color or at the least, similar color family. The Beaded Bon Bon Tassel Necklace is the perfect piece if you have a similar looking bag in the photo. You can also wear a matching pair of earrings, which in this case, is the Dainty Beaded Bon Bon Earrings in black and white.


Match them with rose gold fashion rings.

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Stars Silver -Tassel Earrings and Rose Gold Rings


Complete your look with stylish and ultra feminine rose gold fashion rings. Rose gold is unofficially the color of fall because of the warm, romantic vibe it gives. Rose gold basically matches all colors and all types of skin tones, so it's not difficult to pick out the perfect piece of tassel jewelry to match them with. The Jewel Stars Silver Tassel Earrings will look perfect with your metallic pink rings.


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