How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

How to Style Minimalist Jewelry

Here are some fashion tips for the ladies who want to go for the minimalist style.

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Minimalist jewelry, according to, is one of the top trending products to sell online. No wonder sales for this kind of fashion jewelry have risen. More women have gone from bold cocktail rings to thin-banded minimalist rings. If this is your first time to wear jewelry in this style, then you've landed on the right article. This week, we will give you a few fashion tips on how to style minimalist jewelry pieces.

Pick pieces with metal plating that complements your skin tone.

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Generally, there are two types of skin tones -- warm and cool. Check the veins in your hand. If they look greenish, you have a warm skin tone. If they look bluish or purple, then your skin tone is cool. However, some women cannot determine the color of their veins. In this case, they have a neutral skin tone. For those with warm tones, the best metal plating to go with is gold, while silver tone is perfect for those with cool undertones. Rose gold is a neutral color, so all three skin tones look gorgeous with any rose gold jewelry.

Go for the geometric pieces. 

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You can go bold with geometric pieces as they have such a unique and eye-catching design. This design is perfect for the lovely ladies who do not prefer pieces studded with crystals. Geometric jewelry pieces create clean lines, allowing you to achieve the perfect minimalist look, but they still get to be striking because of their bold styles. In other words, they are eye-catching without going overboard. Wear an entire set of these pieces, and you sure are going to get double takes and compliments.

Add a statement piece.

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As for you ladies who are not into geometric pieces, you can wear one statement piece to complement your minimalist pieces. Doing so will allow you to make a subtle statement, and at the same time, let the pieces complement their styles. You can go choose from fashion rings with center stones or ones that have a wider band and studded with brilliant crystals.

Complement the pieces with your nails.

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Minimalist fashion rings and bracelets will look more show-stopping if you match their designs with the color of your nails. You can go with a bold red shade of polish to complement that ring with a ruby-colored stone. Or, you can also match geometric jewelry with geometric nail art. All it takes is some creativity, but make sure to keep the nail art simple, so as not to go overbearing and tacky.

Don't forget to layer.

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Lastly, do not be afraid to layer pieces. You can stack thin-banned rings in one finger, or layer minimalist necklaces of various lengths. Aside from that, you can also choose jewelry of different metal platings; go two-tone and even tri-tone. There really is no rule as to how many pieces to layer, just as long as they do not look too chunky, you're good to go.


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