How to Style Tassel Earrings

How to Style Tassel Earrings

Learn how to wear tassel earrings in different styles this spring.

Eternal Sparkles Bohemian Fan Tassel Earrings

Spring is all about fun, bright colors, florals, and Boho-inspired styles. Tassel earrings are one of the must-haves of this season because of their eye-catching designs and colors. This week, we will share some tips on how to style these gorgeous earrings this season.

Wear multi-colored tassels for a funky, eye-catching look.

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Multi-colored tassel earrings are so much fun to wear as they exude a combination of fun and femininity. They bring out the outgoing vibe in any person. These earrings are perfect for any dress or top with solid colors, especially those with dark hues. They do well with mildly-patterned tops and dresses too but be careful not to overdo your style.

Choose a white or light-colored pair for an outfit with wild patterns.

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If you are wearing a top or dress with a floral design or any wild pattern, a white pair of tassels is the way to go. The same goes with light-colored ones like cream or gray, They won’t clash with your outfit; instead, they will stand out on their own. Plus they look pretty fresh this season — simple but truly show-stopping!

Wear metallic tassel earrings with an all-black outfit.

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Metallic tassels are perfect with an all-black outfit. This is because the metallic shine of these earrings contrasts the dark hue of your outfit, giving off an edgy, rebel chic vibe. They are also ideal for those who want to match their minimalist fashion rings this spring.

Wear a gold pair for formal events.

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Stars Tassel Earrings

Gold tassel earrings are ideal if you are going to attend a formal event like weddings this spring. Obviously, gold is a color that exudes sophistication and luxury. They’re pretty easy complement with other fashion jewelry pieces as well.

Choose long tassels if you’re keeping your hair up.

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Lastly, if you are going to tie your hair up, it’s best that you go with the long, flowy pairs. Why? Simple. You won’t have to worry about them getting caught up it in your hair! Also, it gives the illusion of having a more slender face. Wear long tassel earrings with confidence, and allow them to accentuate your facial features and complement your spring outfit.

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