How to Wear Your Fashion Rings with Style

How to Wear Your Fashion Rings with Style

There is no particular rule when it comes to wearing rings. However, there are days when our fashion sense isn’t working, and we find ourselves having a hard time picking the right rings to go with our outfit. Fret no more, here are some suggestions on how to wear your fashion rings with style.

  • STYLE#1: The Boho Chic

bohemian style

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Get the bohemian look like a certified Coachella chic by wearings rings with bright colors. You can also choose rings with floral designs to give off that hippie vibe. To complete the look, add up a couple or more bracelets with large beads plus a metallic cuff. Feel free to add multiple colors to your style. After all, a boho chic is a free-spirited fashionista.

boho chic style rings from Eternal Sparkles

  • STYLE#2: Old Soul

audrey hepburn

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An old soul embodies elegance and class. Choose rings adorned with pearls or a single center gemstone. Rose gold cocktail rings are the best in our opinion; with their color giving off that classic and vintage feel. You can also search the internet for fashion rings worn by classic actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Natalie Wood.

fashion rings from Eternal Sparkles for the old soul

  • STYLE#3: The Minimalist

minimalist style

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Less is always more; that’s how minimalist works. That said, the best advice is to stick with simple pieces. Rings with thin bands are perfect for this look. You can also choose stackable ring sets just like this Love Knot Three-Tone Trio Stacked Ring Set.

minimalist rings from Eternal Sparkles

  • STYLE#4: Grecian Goddess

Greek goddess style

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Imagine Greek goddesses like Hera, Athena, Artemis, and of course, the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. What type of rings do you think these celestial ladies will love? They'll probably go for classic rings with intricate details, adorned with large gemstones in the middle. Goddesses are known for being flamboyant when it comes to their choices.

Grecian goddess-inspired fashion rings from Eternal Sparkles

  • STYLE#5: The Diva

selena gomez

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The Diva style is quite similar to the style of the Old Soul and the Grecian Goddess. The only difference though is that the former is about wearing extravagant-looking rings with a modern touch. Check this Aurora Cubic Zirconia Pave Statement Ring. Although it features a classic design, its single round CZ stone shows off multiple colors that give its unique look

fashion rings for the diva from Eternal Sparkles

  • STYLE#6: Rockstar Chic

avril lavigne

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Bring out the rock star in you by wearing black rings with Gothic styles. You can also go with silver cuff rings or square-styled cocktail statement ring just like this Square Crystal Cocktail Statement Ring or Light Blue Crystal Pave Light Black Stainless Steel Cocktail Ring.

Eternal Sparkles fashion rings for the rocker chic

  • STYLE#7: The Girl-Next-Door

taylor swift

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The Girl-Next-Door embodies every guy’s dream girl. To achieve this style, choose lovely pieces of jewelry with a gemstone that has feminine colors such as pink, violet or baby blue. You can also choose rings with floral patterns or design.

Eternal Sparkles fashion rings for the girl-next-door

Once you have chosen your style, don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Wear your jewelry with confidence!

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