In Love with Drop Earrings

In Love with Drop Earrings

Here are pairs of elegant drop earrings every girl needs!

Valentine's Day has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you have to stop looking good to your partner or even for yourself! Every woman deserves to look good all day any day. We all know that earrings bring attention to one's face. They are great as standalone pieces, especially if they are the drop kind. But they are also great to pair with minimalist rings, thin bangles, and even a few more statement pieces. With that said, we will be highlighting our new arrival pairs that look good on every woman!

Rose Earrings

Rose earrings by Eternal Sparkles

For women who love roses and anything floral for that matter, would love this pair of gorgeous drop earrings. The Rose Earrings come in two colors -- rose gold and silvertone, and is made of lead-free alloy. What's great about this pair is its unique design. The rose acts as a cage to a dazzling cubic zirconia stone. The silvertone pair, however, is more brilliant because the rose design itself is studded with smaller clear cubic zirconia stones. The Rose Earrings are perfect for both everyday wear and evening wear.

Best to wear with the Rose Necklace, along with minimalist rings with very little or no design.

Rose necklaces by Eternal Sparkles

Checkered Earrings

Checkered Earrings by Eternal Sparkles

The Checkered Earrings is a pair of bold drop earrings ideal for women with short hair or like to put their hair up in a sexy updo. These earrings will definitely bring attention to your facial features. The Checkered Earrings are made of silvertone lead-free alloy with a genuine rhodium finish. The pair doesn't need cubic zirconia stones to be eye-catching; its design is already show-stopping! Wear this when going to night outs with your girlfriends, or with your little black dress in formal events.

Best to wear with geometric rings and a couple of midi and minimalist rings.

Minimalist rings from Eternal Sparkles

Mermaid Earrings

Mermaid Earrings by Eternal Sparkles

The mermaid style has become a hit with the ladies. One doesn't need to be a good swimmer to be a mermaid; you can have mermaid hair by having long waves colored with a blue and green dye or buy yourself a crocheted mermaid tail blanket. And to completely channel a beautiful siren of the sea, get yourself the Mermaid Earrings. The pair boasts a scale design, mimicking the scales of the mythical creature of the sea. The earrings are made from silvertone lead-free alloy with a genuine rhodium finish. As with the Checkered Earrings, the Mermaid Earrings are ideal for wear in night outs and formal parties. And yes, these earrings look great with swimwear too!

Best to wear with a mix of minimalist bracelets and statement bracelets. Pick ones with blue stones to remind of the blue, blue sea.

Bracelets from Eternal Sparkles


We just love the Mermaid Earrings! What's your favorite among the new arrivals?

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