Infinity Jewelry Pieces You Need to Own

Infinity Jewelry Pieces You Need to Own

Accessorize with fashion jewelry pieces with the infinity design this season.

Eternal Sparkles Dual Infinity Necklace

The infinity symbol is a sideways eight which has initially been called lemniscate, meaning ribbon" in Ancient Greek. It does look like a ribbon without a beginning and an end. Because of this, it has been used to symbolize the love between two people, making it one of the best romantic jewelry designs. Valentine's Day may have come and gone, nevertheless, we certainly not have lost our love for romantic jewelry. So for this week, we picked a few fashion jewelry pieces carrying the design.

Triple Infinity Gold Ring

Triple Infinity Gold Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The Triple Infinity Gold Ring is a lovely piece for any lady in love. It features three infinity symbols at the top part of the band, one of which is studded with round clear cubic zirconia crystals. It's a piece that you can wear solo or stacked with other fashion rings. This ring is made of lead-free alloy and is gold-plated to perfection.

Rose Gold Infinite Ring

Rose Gold Infinite Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The Rose Gold Infinite Ring boasts an elegant metallic pink plating perfect for ladies who love anything rose gold. It has a rather large infinity symbol design, making this a statement piece. It features round clear cubic zirconia crystals at the top part of the band, including the dainty floral design at the center. This piece is also available in silvertone plating.

Gold Infinity Ring

Gold Infinity Ring from Eternal Sparkles

If you want a bold piece, the Gold Infinity Ring is a good choice. The top part of the rather thin band features a strikingly large infinity symbol. And to make it more eye-catching, the design is adorned with sparkly clear cubic zirconia stones. This elegant ring is made from lead-free alloy and is gold-plated to achieve that lovely brilliance.

Dual Infinity Necklace

Dual Infinity Necklace from Eternal Sparkles

And to complete your look is the Dual Infinity Necklace. This no-clasp necklace features a lovely layered design and dainty charms. It carries three infinity symbol charms along with five round ones. The rose gold-plated stainless steel link chains are thin, making them really comfortable to wear. One of these chains is 32 inches long while the shorter one is at 29 inches.


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