Jewelry Pieces to Get Yourself This 2017

Jewelry Pieces to Get Yourself This 2017

Start the year right with these new arrivals!

According to the many memes on social media, the year 2016 wasn't good to most people. If you are one of them, it's time to let positive vibes come through your door. Stop sulking and getting buried in regrets, time to find ways to feel good! One of these ways is to look good no matter where you are. Dress comfortably and get yourself some new accessories!

This week, we are highlighting more of our new arrivals perfect for every woman of any age.

Forever Love Band

Forever Love Band from Eternal Sparkles

Promise rings do not have to be limited to couples in love. These rings can also be given to your BFF or sister! Immortalize that special bond you have with the Forever Love Band. Get two of this and proudly wear it wherever you go. It's made with rose gold and silvertone stainless steel and adorned with round clear cubic zirconia gems. This band is available in sizes 5 to 10

Penta Triangle Ring


If you consider yourself fashion-forward, you need to own this piece. The Penta Triangle Ring is one of our many fashion rings that boasts a unique geometric design that complements any outfit. The ring is made with silvertone lead-free alloy and studded with stunning clear round-cut cubic zirconia stones. This ring is available in sizes 5 to 10

Stainless Steel Round Prong CZ Engagement Ring

Stainless Steel Round Prong CZ Engagement Ring from Eternal Sparkles

If you're looking for an engagement ring that will sweep your girl off of her feet, then you've come to the right place. The Stainless Steel Round Prong CZ Engagement Ring is a perfect choice! She'll love this ring as it also goes with any outfit. It's made with durable polished stainless steel adorned with a gorgeous clear cubic zirconia stone at the center. This ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

6MM Rose Gold Earrings

6MM Rose Gold Earrings from Eternal Sparkles

Simplicity is key to looking chic and sophisticated. Adorn your earlobes with the 6MM Rose Gold Earrings. The pieces are made of rose gold tone stainless steel which exudes an old world charm. Each earring boasts round 3.4 karat clear cubic zirconia stone. Less is definitely more with this pair.

Eternity Bracelet

Eternity Bracelet from Eternal Sparkles

This Eternity Bracelet is a piece perfect for minimalists and non-minimalists alike. If you love the no frills style, one bracelet would be enough. If you love the layering jewelry trend, get yourself two or more of this beauty. Allow your wrist to sparkle with this thin bangle made from lead-free alloy. The entire band is studded with clear round crystals, making them perfect to wear anytime of the day.

These pieces undoubtedly complement your taste in fashion, whether you're going for the classic chic look or modern minimalist style.

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