Mixing and Matching Fashion Jewelry

Mixing and Matching Fashion Jewelry

Stand out among the crowd with these fashion jewelry tips.

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Mixing silver and gold jewelry pieces used to be fashionably unacceptable. In this age, that tradition is long gone. You can see the mix and match of different jewelry on the runways, as well as on covers of magazines. This jewelry trend is considered the in thing now, and we agree because this style makes one stand out from the crowd. Learn how to rock this trend; here are four simple fashion tips on mixing and matching fashion jewelry pieces.

Work around one statement piece

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One way to achieve this trend is to work around one type of jewelry. As an example, we will be focusing on fashion rings. If you have one bold piece, say, a cocktail ring, work around it by layering it with minimalist bands. You can either go with the same metal plating, or you can go with two tones. Alternatively, you can sort of surround your centerpiece with another statement ring on each side.

Mix bold with minimalist

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If you have no statement piece, you can go with pieces that are of different sizes or thickness. One good example is by wearing necklaces with chains of varying thickness. Another is by wearing a thick bangle then add bracelets of different width and styles.

Pair casual pieces with special occasion pieces

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Wear your everyday fashion ring with a show-stopping solitaire ring in one hand. For example, if you are to attend a formal evening event, do not take off your everyday minimalist band. Instead, layer it with a cocktail ring. The same goes for your watch or your casual bracelet. The styles will perfectly contrast each other, especially if they are of different metal tones.

Wear pieces of different materials

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As with gold and silver, you can also match a piece made of lead-free alloy, sterling silver, or stainless steel with an accessory made of leather. Doing so gives you a rebel chic or chic rocker look that is perfect with your rock shirt, distressed jeans, and Doc Martens boots. This mixing of jewelry is perfect for the ladies who love the edgy style or are not afraid to experiment.


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