Must-Have Fashion Rings for Spring

Must-Have Fashion Rings for Spring

Add these lovely fashion rings to your collection this season!

Eternal Sparkles Tri-Color Ring Set

Styling spring outfits are so much fun because they have pretty colors and are easy to match with accessories. Aside from donning flower crowns, painting your nails with floral nail art, and rocking comfy strappy sandals to match your floral dress, wearing fashion rings can level up your spring look. They may be little accessories, but they definitely make a difference! That's why this week, we picked five pieces that would be perfect matches to your comfy spring outfits. Let's check them all out:

Lavender Floral Ring

Lavender Floral Ring from Eternal Sparkles

This high-polished stainless steel ring will definitely look pretty with your purple dresses or tops this spring. It features a flower-shaped design at the top of the band and is studded with triple A-grade CZ crystals in a lovely light amethyst shade. The stones boast a pastel color which is absolutely perfect for the season.

Eternal Spring Ring

Eternal Spring Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Next up is this delicate piece. It features a thin minimalist band adorned with multi-colored Swarovski crystals with a carat weight of 0.35. The ring is made of lead-free alloy with a silvertone finish. This particular design is also available in single colors -- aqua, lavender, pink, and yellow which are all the colors of spring!

Daisy Solitaire Ring

Daisy Solitaire Ring from Eternal Sparkles

This solitaire ring gives off a fun, young vibe that is perfect for any lady. It features a uniquely imperfectly-shaped high-polished stainless steel band. The gorgeous triple-A grade clear cubic zirconia stone is nestled in a daisy-shaped setting. This piece is a perfect addition to any floral ring collection because of its extraordinary design.

Minimal Flower Ring

Minimal Flower Ring from Eternal Sparkles

This minimalist ring features a band with a unique design as it gives the illusion of wearing two thin rings. At the top of the sterling silver ring is a simple flower design that is studded with brilliant clear cubic zirconia crystals. This minimal piece matches all your other CZ-studded floral jewelry pieces.

Tri-Color Ring Set

Tri-Color Ring Set from Eternal Sparkles

Last, but not least, is this gorgeous fashion ring set. It includes three gold-plated stainless steel bands with a triangular design in three different spring colors. The triangles are also in different sizes to create a unique geometric effect. You have the option to wear them all in the same finger, or separately. Wear them with other minimalist rings as well.


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