Protect Yourself with Evil Eye Jewelry

Protect Yourself with Evil Eye Jewelry

Fight bad karma by wearing these gorgeous fashion jewelry pieces!

Eternal Sparkles Evil Eye Necklace in Silver

The Evil Eye's first known record dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. It's a curse many cultures believe to be cast by an evil glare and the person that receives it will experience an injury, misfortune, and bad luck. This malevolent power comes from emotions such as greed and envy and focuses on people who have fortunate possessions, such as wealth, fame, and happy, fulfilling relationships.

Through the times, people created talismans to protect themselves from the curse. Ironically, the amulet is also called The Evil Eye. It is believed to reflect the evil intent back to the person casting it. Today, the symbol has become a favorite charm among many fashionistas around the world.

And without further ado, here are a few pieces from Eternal Sparkles worth including in your jewelry collection this fall and winter.

Evil Eye Stud Earrings

Eternal Sparkles Evil Eye Stud Earrings

The best way to show off an Evil Eye jewelry is to wear them as earrings as it's the closest to the eyes. Protect yourself from evil glares and bad karma with these gorgeous Evil Eye Stud Earrings. The set includes two stud pairs-- one with The Evil Eyes and one with a huge brilliant round cut clear stone exuding positivity. Both pairs are adorned with sparkly clear crystals which give off beautiful flashes when hit with light. These earrings are both perfect for everyday or evening wear.

Jewel Evil Eye Cuff Bracelet

Eternal Sparkles Jewel Evil Eye Cuff Bracelet

The Jewel Evil Eye Cuff Bracelet is perfect to complement your dainty fashion rings. If you are a fashion minimalist, you will love this piece because of its simple yet striking design. The thin cuff is made of lead-free material, and the charm is only 0.43 inches wide. High-quality clear and blue cubic zirconia stones make up the gorgeous Evil Eye design. This cuff bracelet is not only available in rose gold plating, but also in silver and gold. You can choose to wear them in all three colors, or layered with other bracelets.

Evil Eye Necklace

Eternal Sparkles Evil Eye Necklace in Gold

One piece to complete your look is the Evil Eye Necklace. As with the two, this necklace is adorned with brilliant, high-quality cubic zirconia stones in clear and blue. The eye pendant is 1.25 inches wide, just the perfect size for a minimalist piece. It comes with a 17-inch long chain. All materials used to make this necklace are also lead-free, making the necklace safe to wear for fashionistas with sensitive skin. The Evil Eye Necklace is available in gold and silver plating.


Which one's your favorite? Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to check out the online shop for more jewelry pieces to match your fall and winter wardrobe!

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