Reasons to Get Yourself New Jewelry this New Year

Posted on 08 January 2018

Don't wallow in guilt; it's totally fine to get yourself new fashion accessories this 2018! 

Eternal Sparkles Asymmetric Long Short Pearl Earrings

How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? We bet it was all sparkles and beautiful noise! As with your new goals this year, it's also best to get yourself some new accessories. What better way to treat yourself than shop for some lovely fashion jewelry, right? If you're hesitant to go shopping for yourself because of bills and other priorities, allow us to help you make the decision. Start the year right by focusing on yourself first. Show yourself some love; reward yourself with new accessories! If you still are not convinced, we listed down a few other reasons why it's totally okay to treat yourself to some lovely pieces.


The new year means, a new you!

This is the best time to be a fashionable new you, alongside your goals for the year. You can change all of your wardrobe pieces; from girly floral dresses to edgy leather and lace. This is the best time to reinvent yourself. Get yourself new fashion rings and earrings that can match your new style. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Eternal Sparkles' Pick: 

Eternal Sparkles Rose Gold Geometric Drop Earrings
Rose Gold Geometric Drop Earrings to add a bit of edge to your look


You deserve it. 

The past year for some has been quite tough. If you're one of these people, treat yourself to something you'd love. Make yourself feel better with a new pair of trendy tassel earrings. You deserve something that will counteract all the negativity the past year has brought upon you. Plus, gorgeous jewelry attracts compliments and kind words even from strangers. Go ahead and attract positive vibes, girl!

Eternal Sparkles' Pick:

Eternal Sparkles Teardrop Chandelier Tassel Earrings
Teardrop Chandelier Tassel Earrings in red will definitely attract good vibes!


It's a form of motivation.

Jewelry, as we know, can make the wearer feel more beautiful, confident, and motivated, especially if you're wearing the right type for you. Get yourself pieces that match your personality and compliment your individuality. Go to work or school every day in your favorite clothes paired with a new necklace or bracelet for that motivation you need.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick:

Eternal Sparkles Chevy Necklace
Chevy Necklace, the minimalist piece that can immediately level up your look

It's stress therapy.

Most women (and men!) believe that retail therapy can cure the blues and stress. Make time for yourself and go shopping for gorgeous pieces. Get ones that you can wear all day long, and pieces that you can wear in the evening at parties with the girls.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick:

Eternal Sparkles Dainty Bon Bon Tassel Earrings
Dainty Bon Bon Tassel Earrings in grey and beige for day and night wear.


It's an investment!

Power dressing can help you make a good impression at work, shape your personality, and boost your confidence. And it's not just about clothes, of course, it's also about wearing the right piece of jewelry. Spice up your usual work wear with gold pieces or pearls, the usual classic pieces but are still as trendy.

Eternal Sparkles' Pick:

Eternal Sparkles Pearl BonBon Long Silver Tassel Statement Earrings
Pearl BonBon Long Silver Tassel Statement Earrings match your corporate clothes.


Are you ready for some retail therapy? Check out the shop for new arrivals and shop away! :)


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