Reasons to Treat Yourself Pearl Jewelry These Holidays

Reasons to Treat Yourself Pearl Jewelry These Holidays

Every woman deserves to own at least a piece of pearl jewelry in her lifetime.


These holidays, it's time to treat yourself something nice for a job well done this year. We may have our share own downfalls, but we have always worked hard to rise again. Amirite, ladies? Because that's how strong women are! This reward for yourself can be a relaxing day in the spa, a solo staycation, or a trip to another country with the girls. But if you are a fashionista like us, you can reward yourself with gorgeous and trendy fashion jewelry. And we highly suggest that you get pearl pieces. Read on to know the reasons why pearls are a must-have in every woman's jewelry collection.

They are the ultimate classic pieces.

Eternal Sparkles Pearl Fashion Earrings

Wearing pearl jewelry, even if just a pair of earrings, instantly glamorizes your entire look. This is because they are considered as timeless jewelry. Pearl jewelry adds a touch of elegance to your outfit effortlessly, making them a favorite among many fashionistas. Plus, they're great if you want to be a modern-day Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor.

Pearl jewelry pieces go with virtually any type of outfit. 

Eternal Sparkles Pearl BonBon Long Silver Tassel Statement Earrings

And because they are timeless, they basically go with everything. Pearls just never go out of fashion. Whether you are wearing a simple white tee-distressed jeans-Doc Martens boots combo or you're in a sparkling formal gown paired with sexy stilettos, pearl jewelry creates such class and glamour no other jewelry piece can.

They're affordable pieces of jewelry.

Eternal Sparkles Pearl Dual Finger Cuff Ring

Unlike other fine jewelry that carries precious stones, pearl jewelry is generally much more affordable. You can get stainless steel pearl fashion rings for as low as $10 a piece. However, if the pearls come with real gold, then they can get a bit pricey as well. If you're on a budget or if you want to get yourself more pieces, then you can go with sterling silver or stainless steel pearl jewelry sets.

Pearls can be passed down to generations.

Eternal Sparkles Double Strand Pearl and Gold Bars Necklace

With proper care and maintenance, these pearl jewelry pieces can be family heirlooms. And do note that an heirloom doesn't have to be something expensive; it can be any piece of jewelry with sentimental value. In time, you can pass them down to your daughters and tell them about the story of each of these pieces.


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