Rose Gold Rings for Your Current Mood

Rose Gold Rings for Your Current Mood

There's so much to love about rose gold jewelry. This shade has been around for a long time, but its popularity rose again with the release of a mobile phone in that hue last year.

close up photo of rose gold jewelry

For the untrained eye, rose gold is a mere shade of pink. But this hue according to jewelers is a term used to refer to gold alloy mixed with copper. It's like a warm metallic shade of pink or salmon. Due to its popularity, many fashion products today now come in rose gold colors. You can match your rose gold iPhone with a rose gold handbag, a pair of shoes in the same color, and of course rose gold jewelry pieces.

Let's be honest; we women love to wear accessories based on our current mood. That said, here are a few suggestions on what design of rose gold fashion rings you should wear in a particular state of mind.

When you're feeling like a hopeless romantic

Estate-Inspired Amethyst CZ Cocktail Ring from Eternal Sparkles

The hopeless romantic in you usually comes out after binging on movies or TV shows that are all about happily ever afters. You can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside; this is regardless of your current relationship status. Let that feeling linger with a rose gold cocktail ring with an eye-catching amethyst stone in the center. Amethysts may not symbolize love, but this stunning crystal is known to soothe the wearer's emotions. Plus, aesthetically speaking, wearing a rose gold ring with a huge purple stone surely makes you feel like a princess!

When you're feeling like an old soul

Rose Gold Cat-Eye Cocktail Ring from Eternal Sparkles

Sometimes, it's great to reminisce and look back on the glory days of fashion, which happened sometime in the early 1950s. Rockabilly style was a hit, along with the rise in popularity of hillbilly music. Women had big hair, sexy strap heels, and full skirt dresses with petticoat. As for accessories, ladies wear minimal pieces, but they all make a statement. Gorgeous cocktail rings were a hit!

When you're feeling creative

Rose Gold London Blue Statement Ring from Eternal Sparkles

People believe that blue topaz is the Writer's stone because it inspires creativity. Whether this is true or not, a rose gold cocktail ring with a crystal in a cooling blue shade will make the wearer feel inspired. Blue also has a calming effect on people, and it reminds anyone of the sky and sea. And who said rose gold and blue don't match? The statement ring in the photo is a stunning jewelry piece!

When you're feeling extra feminine

Rose Gold Rose White CocktailRing from Eternal Sparkles

When women are feeling more feminine than usual, they love to wear floral dresses, sexy stilettos, and peach pink lipstick. You can top off that look with girly accessories and of course, pieces in rose gold. A cocktail ring with pink crystal details is a perfect piece, as it exudes femininity and subtle sensuality. The ring has such striking design and looks like a bangle on your finger; which makes it great as a stand-alone jewelry piece.

Rose gold may seem like a trend that might fade anytime soon, but we think otherwise. These pieces can make a woman of any age feel empowered and confident, as the beauty that radiates from them affects the wearer. Regardless of the fad, rose gold pieces will always be a favorite of the ladies.

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