Three Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Three Popular Engagement Ring Designs

Choose the perfect ring for your woman from these on-trend styles.

Planning to propose to the love of your life? If yes, we bet you're racking your brain out for the perfect engagement ring. Picking out one she'll love indeed is a struggle, especially now that shops offer plenty of gorgeous ring styles at affordable prices. Fret not, as you've come to the right blog. We'll help you get that ring that will make her say "yes" instantly!

Crown Style

Crown-style ring from Eternal Sparkles

These crown rings are usually worn as fashion rings but are also given as engagement rings. This is a perfect style to pick out if you see your woman as the queen or princess of your life. She will love the symbolism and of course, the design.

Eternal Sparkles' Picks

Crown rings from Eternal Sparkles

Princess Ring

The Princess Ring is perfect for the lady who loves to be treated like a princess. It is made from lead-free alloy plated in gold-tone and silver tone. It boasts .21 ct clear cubic zirconia stones in round and princess cuts. It is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Queen Ring

The Queen Ring is ideal for women who prefer statement silver jewelry. It is a silver-tone brass ring featuring.64 ct clear round cubic zirconia stones. This design is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Royalty Ring

The Royalty Ring is a great choice for ladies who love luxurious pieces. It's made from stainless steel and ion-plated in gold. It boasts clear top-grade crystals in a round cut. As with the two designs, the Royalty Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Vintage-inspired Style

Vintage style ring from Eternal Sparkles

For the love of your life who possesses timeless beauty, give her something that exudes the same quality. Vintage-inspired rings have that heirloom quality that exudes utter sophistication and glamor. Most ring styles also have the art deco flair that people who have an affinity for the arts would certainly love.

Eternal Sparkles' Picks

Vintage-inspired rings from Eternal Sparkles

Filigree Vintage-Inspired Ring

The Filigree Ring is the epitome of feminine vintage style. It is made from high-polished stainless steel and boasts stunning clear AAA-Grade cubic zirconia stones in a round cut. The gorgeous center stone size is approximately 8 mm and is 3.35 ct. The Filigree Ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Princess-Cut CZ Ring

Vintage jewelry pieces wouldn't be complete without princess-cut stones. This ring is made from high-polished stainless steel and features a chic princess cut clear AAA-Grade cubic zirconia stone and round stones in smaller sizes at both sides of the band. The center stone is approximately 8 mm. It is also available sizes 5 to 10.

Round CZ Ring

The Round CZ ring is the simplest design of the three. It is made from high-polished stainless steel and features a gorgeous round cut cubic zirconia stone at the center. Both sides of the band are adorned with smaller clear cubic zirconia stones for added flair. This ring is available in sizes 5 to 9 only.

Rose Gold Style

Rose gold ring from Eternal Sparkles

Of course, this year's favorite color! Your lady will absolutely love jewelry in this trendy color. Its rosy metallic hue also complements any skin tone, making it a favorite among women of various ages.

Eternal Sparkles' Picks

Rose gold rings from Eternal Sparkles

Two-tone Clear CZ Statement Ring

The Two-tone Clear CZ Statement Ring is great to wear as a fashion ring or given as an engagement ring. It's made from stainless steel plated with rose gold and silver-tone. It boasts an AAA Grade clear cubic zirconia stone in a princess cut and the sides of the band are studded with smaller clear stones. This ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Two-tone Clear CZ Solitaire Ring

If your woman is a no-frills type of person, this Two-tone Clear CZ Solitaire Ring is an excellent choice. It's made stainless steel plated in rose gold and silver-tone. A solitaire stunning AAA grade cubic zirconia stone adorns the center of the band. Simple yet gorgeous, this ring is available in sizes 5 to 10.

Royal Rose Gold Crystal Ring

The Royal Rose Gold Crystal Ring is another lovely piece perfect for the ladies who find beauty in simplicity. It is made from rose gold plated stainless steel topped with a clear round cut AAA grade cubic zirconia stone. The stone size may only be 6 mm, but its brilliance is remarkable.


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