Tips on Wearing Chandelier Earrings

Tips on Wearing Chandelier Earrings

Learn the best ways to style these eye-catching earrings.

woman with chandelier earrings by the beach rocks

Chandelier earrings are probably the most striking type of earrings in the industry. They're long, big, and come in many fun, vibrant colors. However, not all women are able to style and rock them perfectly. This is because some things are needed to be considered when wearing this type of ear jewelry. Don't you worry girls, Eternal Sparkles has come to the rescue. We listed down some style tips for you to wear these gorgeous pairs of earrings the right way.

Wear your hair down or up.

woman in brown wearing chandelier earrings

Chandelier earrings are perfect for women with voluminous wavy or curly hair, regardless of the length. On the other hand, these earrings don't work well with super straight or limp and thin hair. But don't you worry; there's a way around this. Simply wear your hair up in a top bun then make it look naturally messy. Messy ponytails work too!

Wear minimal accessories. 

woman wearing chandelier earrings with her hair up in a bun

Let your chandelier earrings do the talk and wear minimal other pieces. If you also want to wear a necklace, go with the thinnest chains and smallest of pendants. Chokers are great too, but make sure that they are solid-colored or do not have any loud patterns. As for your fashion rings and bracelets, wear as minimal as possible. The thinner, the better. Of course, don't forget to match them as well. If your earrings are rose gold, it's best to wear other rose gold fashion jewelry too.

Wear the right kind of chandeliers for the occasion.

woman wearing Eternal Sparkles Bohemian Fan Tassel Earrings

As with any type of jewelry piece, you have to make sure that you are wearing the right kind for the occasion, as well as the time of day. If you are attending a corporate event but want to level up minimalist business wear, go for the simpler chandeliers in black or any dark color. Avoid wearing very eye-catching brightly-colored pairs; reserve them for dates with the girls. For parties during the day, the best pairs to go with are the brightly-colored ones, preferably the tassel or the metal kind. For evening parties, the glittery, sparkly, beaded ones are the best pairs to wear.


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