Two-toned Fashion Rings for the Holidays

Two-toned Fashion Rings for the Holidays

Accessorize with these two-toned beauties on Christmas and NYE.

Eternal Sparkles Arrow Ring Set

If you've been wearing minimalist rings all year round because, duh, they're pretty and comfy, it's time you wear something bold these holidays. And by bold we don't mean rings that have big center stones; bold meaning the rings have two gorgeous tones. This week, we picked out five two-toned fashion rings from our collection that are worth wearing this festive season.

Rose Gold and Chocolate CZ Wedding Ring Set

Eternal Sparkles Rose Gold and Chocolate CZ Wedding Ring Set

Although these are bridal rings, the Rose Gold and Chocolate CZ Wedding Ring Set is great worn as a statement piece these holidays. It features two colors -- rose gold and chocolate, which reminds so much of strawberries and chocolates! These stainless steel rings feature triple A-grade cubic zirconia crystals which give off the loveliest brilliance when hit with light. Wear the set solo or with other minimalist rings to accentuate your newly-manicured nails this Christmas. Check it out now; the set is discounted as of this writing!

Two-toned Crystal Ring Set

.Eternal Sparkles Two-toned Crystal Ring Set

If you want a set with a simpler design, the Two-toned Crystal Ring Set might be the one for you. These lovely minimalist fashion rings are made of durable stainless steel. One is gold plated while the other is rose gold plated. The former is as minimalist as it can be, while the latter is studded with brilliant clear top-grade crystals. Get to wear both of the rings on one finger, or wear them separately. Match these rings with your other gold or rose gold accessories to achieve that chic look these holidays.

Two-tone Rose Gold Statement Ring Set

Eternal Sparkles Two-tone Rose Gold Statement Ring Set

The Two-tone Rose Gold Statement Ring Set is the perfect statement piece you need this season! The set includes three rings -- the main one is made from stainless steel and boasts a huge AAA Grade CZ center stone sandwiched by two smaller clear CZ crystals, while the two are minimalist rose gold plated stainless steel bands studded with three small round CZ stones each. This set is sure to attract compliments at the party!

Gold Silver Two-Tone Contemporary Ring

Eternal Sparkles Gold Silver Two-Tone Contemporary Ring

If you need a ring with a contemporary design, then the Gold Silver Two-Tone Contemporary Ring is perfect for you. Unlike the first three, this one is only one band, but it boasts a unique design not seen anywhere else. The stainless steel band is shaped like a curled ribbon with two colors. It fits the area of your finger below the knuckle, so it sure is going to make a statement. It sure doesn't need and CZ crystal accents to get noticed!

Arrow Ring Set

Eternal Sparkles Arrow Ring Set

Last, but surely not least, is the Arrow Ring Set. It includes two bands with a modern design of arrows. These rings are perfect for fashionistas who are into the geometric and minimalist styles. The gold-plated one is larger and acts as the outer ring, while the stainless steel cuff is thinner and comes with a sparkly triangle-cut CZ stone that complements the arrows. Wear each ring separately or together, depending on your current mood.


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