Unique Jewelry You’ll Definitely Want in Your Collection

Posted on 02 September 2015

woman wearing headdress and other jewelry

Every girl wants a piece of jewelry in her collection like no other, that’s why for today’s post, we’ve put up five unique and one-a-kind pieces of jewelry that will surely get your attention:

• Dandelion Silver Necklace

dandelion silver necklace

This one-of-a-kind necklace is made of a glass bead-filled with genuine dandelions on a fine and very high quality 925 silver chains. It is also decorated with a small charm pendant in silver, with the inscription "wish". You can find this item at Etsy for $36.00.


• Gold Crystal Swarovski Swan Pendant Necklace

Gold Crystal Swarovski Swan Pendant Necklace

Looking for something classic yet unique? Then this Gold Crystal Swarovski Swan Pendant Necklace will surely meet your taste. It features unique trapezoid-shaped stone and delicate clear pave details, and prong rhodium plated setting and chain. It’s an ultimate versatile piece that can be paired with both day and evening looks. You can find this fashionable jewelry at EternalSparkles.com for $ 72.00.


• Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring

Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring

If you’re a big fan of BioShock and its sci-fi steampunk setting, then this item will definitely catch your attention as it did to me.


• Pave Yellow Gold Twist Belt Ring

Pave Yellow Gold Twist Belt Ring

Wow the crowd on your next night out with this unique gold twist belt cocktail ring from Eternal Sparkles. This beautiful pave cocktail ring features a unique crystal pave design atop its front. This cocktail ring is composed of a wrapped, twisted belt design and features a unique buckle concept. The ring is 14k yellow gold plated under stainless steel and is the perfect cocktail ring to wear on events and meet-ups.


• Dragon Earcuff: Earrings

Dragon Earcuff Earrings

If you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen then you’ll definitely want this Dragon Earcuff in your collection. This Gothic Dragon Ear Clip is the best accessory to donned on. You can find it on eBay, available for only $ 0.99. If you want, you can even name him Drogon for all pun's sake!

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