Why Make The Switch To Cubic Zirconia Rings

Why Make The Switch To Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic zirconia crystals are girls' new best friend.

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Diamonds, no doubt, are beautiful, gorgeous crystals and make gorgeous fine jewelry. However, we all know that they may not be affordable for everyone. Thank goodness for cubic zirconia crystals, they make perfect less pricey alternatives to diamonds. Aside from that, cubic zirconia fashion rings are available in so many designs that there is one for every personality. If you are not yet convinced, here are the other reasons why making a switch to cubic zirconia rings are worth it.

Cubic zirconia crystals are actually more beautiful than diamonds. 

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Diamonds, when hit with light, give off beautiful sparkles. This happens because of dispersion -- it causes white light to get separated by the refraction in the crystals which results in a play of colors. On the other hand, cubic zirconia crystals have a higher dispersion, meaning the sparkles have more colors, making them more beautiful.

CZ jewelry is less pricey.

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As mentioned earlier cubic zirconia jewelry is more affordable than fine diamond jewelry. The former is also more accessible than the latter; there are so many online and physical shops that offer cubic zirconia jewelry pieces in various designs and styles.

Diamonds are not exactly rare. 

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To be honest, we believe that diamonds are valued because of their "rarity" and not their beauty. This rarity is being regulated by the diamond cartel and restrict the market for these stones. What they do is they keep the diamonds rare and keep the price high. So in reality, diamonds are rare only in the marketplace, and not in their stocks as a whole.

Cubic zirconia crystals are also available in different colors.

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Unlike diamonds, CZ crystals come in many different hues. You can get a piece with a multitude of colors to match your bubbly personality or current mood. A CZ stone can be the same color as your birthstone or any of your favorite natural precious crystals.

You are not being cheap or settling for less if you are getting cubic zirconia jewelry.

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There is a notion that if your engagement ring is not a diamond, you are settling for less. This is a ridiculous belief. You don't need to break the bank to get diamond jewelry when there are more beautiful alternatives available in the market. So remember, the next time you buy CZ rings, you are not a cheapskate, you are a smart buyer.


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