Why You Should Wear Drop Earrings

Why You Should Wear Drop Earrings

Slay with a gorgeous pair of drop earrings this spring.

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If you are a minimalist, you'd rather wear stud earrings or nothing at all with your everyday outfit. On the other hand, if you prefer show-stopping bold accessories, you are probably into eye-catching tassel earrings or large hoops. But have you considered rocking drop earrings with your everyday look? This week, we listed down three reasons why we love drop earrings and why you should give them a try.

They are versatile.

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Drop earrings are one of the versatile types because it is available in many styles. Minimalist fashionistas can get themselves a simple pair while the ladies who love eccentric accessories can get pairs with a show-stopping statement style. You can get ones that are really long or a pair with small hanging hoops. In other words, there is a pair for every mood.

They can match your fashion rings and other accessories. 

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Spring is the season of music festivals! Layered fashion rings complement a pair of eye-catching drop earrings this season, so does layered necklaces, flower crowns, and other spring fashion accessories. You can get a pair in virtually any color and style to match your outfit.

They can accentuate your facial features.

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These earrings indeed can flatter and define your facial features. And there are types for every face shape. For round faces, long drop earrings can give the illusion of an elongated jaw. If you have a narrow shaped-face, short drops are quite flattering. Hoop drop earrings are perfect for the ladies with square and diamond-shaped faces, while drop earrings with teardrop charms balance a heart-shaped face.

They can bring out the color of your eyes.

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Make your eye color stand out by matching it with your drop earrings. The rule here is to choose a hue in the same color family. So if you have brown eyes, go with red, orange, brown, yellow, and green earrings. Blues, grays, and purples are perfect for blue, gray, and really dark brown eyes. As for the metals, rose gold goes with all types of eye color, silver is ideal with blue, gray, and dark brown eyes, and gold is best with brown and hazel eyes.

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